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  1. Post some betting suggestions. IE, some of the bets I should give out for this Sunday at Summerslam. Remember, I want them to be a variety of unlikelys and could happen's.

  2. Stephanie McMahon pins Brock Lesnar. $1,000,000

    Big Show wins WWE championship

    Rey Mysterio win Intercontinental championship

    Alberto Del Rio wins World Heavyweight Championship
  3. Triple H to beat Bork
    Daniel Bryan to beat Kane
    Ziggler to beat Jericho
    Sheamus to beat Del Rio
    The Miz to beat Rey Mysterio
    CM Punk to beat John Cena and Big Show
  4. Cena wins WWE title.

    Sheamus Retains.

    Jericho beats Ziggler.
  5. Will use 2, 3 and 4.

    I'll probably have Bork to beat HHH
    I'll also have "Charlie Sheen to make appearance?" too.
    Jericho to beat Ziggler

    They need to be unlikelys or could happens. I don't put bets up on what I think will happen. For example I think HHH is winning, Punk is retaining, Ziggler/Miz winning etc.
  6. I actually think ADR will win.


    HBK superkicks Brock Lesnar

    Big Show gets pinned or submitted

    Brodus Clay loses against Sandow.
  7. Ah Okay.
  8. US title changes hands in the pre show
  9. Wade Barrett to return.
  10. I'm liking that one Vince.
  11. HBK doesn't show up

    Santino to retain US championship

    Kofi & R-Truth to retain tag team championship
  12. Ziggler to cash in?
  13. John Laurinitis to return.
  14. Ziggler did feud with Punk. I think Punk will retain, then Ziggler will cash in and win.
  15. Impossible, his briefcase is for the world heavyweight championship only. He can't cash it in on the WWE Championship.
  16. then that makes it a really good bet :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  17. Ziggler to cash in is quite a good one.
  18. People to bet on cara not botching
  19. #SuggestionMuffin
  20. John Cena is gonna get battered (Again)
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