Beyond Scared Straight

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  1. Anyone watch the show Beyond scared straight yet?

    "Beyond Scared Straight" is a series about young people 10-18 years who undergo a sort of one-day rehab by getting real visit prisons and get the chance to talk with real prisoners as they have ended up on the wrong track in life ie their criminal career.

    Different prisons and various young people in each section.

    Personally, I love the show. Watch from all the 3 - 7 seasons and it's really entertaining and really good program.

    The prisoners they get hit is very obvious pattern captures that guys like behave well and are considered to be more or less harmless which is certainly understandable, but they play like that clear roles facing young people so that it becomes uncool, one moment stands the screaming youngsters five centimeters away from your face to appear as dangerous prisoners, and at one moment is the quiet, emotional and trying to act psychologists in one-on-one conversations and in my eyes destroys the entire credibility.
    You get to hear some detainees actually honest and sad stories but they are very few.

    Watch all seasons/episodes:
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  2. Yep, that was some crazy sh**. I'd watch it again for sure.
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  3. I've only seen a few vids here and there, but it's funny stuff.
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  4. Thank You. Thank you for posting this. I now know where all the worthless, uneducated pieces of garbage go after high school.
    Wrong. After Junior High School.
    These jabroni's yelling at other jabroni's is what Qua-Li-Ty is all about.
  5. It's amazing to see the savagery of such young kids. However, like a car wreck, I can't help but watch. :okay:
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  6. So it's pieces of shit yelling at turds that haven't escaped the ass of failure yet?
  7. 1:55 "Look at me when I'm talking to you, you little yellow mothafucker" lol

  8. Yeah, I've seen a few episodes. Not a show I cam repeadatley watch though.
  9. @GrammarNazi82
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  10. It's hard to write a word when auto-correct isn't popping up. Fuck that word! :sad1:
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  11. Really, Shit Factor? :tough:
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  12. I love watching ignorant people yell.
  13. Still waiting for the day that one of the inmates actually put their hands on the little shits. Talk about ratings.
  14. Well, They did. Watch the new episode from last night :

    Have any of you watch the new episode from last night? I don't think I've ever laughed so hard! This was one of the best episode I've seen so far. Saddest, it was the last episode of the season.
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