BFG Results: Bobby Roode vs. Lashley for the KOTM Championship

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    Bound For Glory | October 4, 2015 | coverage by Bobby James

    King of the Mountain Championship | Lashley vs. Bobby Roode (c)

    Lashley dominates Roode early, from headlock to sholder block. Lashley plants Roode with a standing vertical suplex. He catches Roode with a huge German suplex; Roode lands high on his shoulder!

    Lashley applies a headlock and then attempts a second vertical suplex; Roode counters with a knee to the skull and a vertical suplex of his own, earning a two-count. Lashley powers out, but is caught with a spinebuster!

    Lashley’s out of another pin attempt with a spinebuster of his own. Lashley applies a wristlock. Roode forces a break with the bottom rope; Lashley sends Roode into the guardrail. He drives Roode into the apron before sending him shoulder-first into the ring post.

    Lashley sends Roode into the ring and connects with a spear! Roode is out just before three. Roode catches him with a Roode Bomb; Lashley’s out a two. Lashley reapplies the wristlock; Roode counters with crossface! Lashley delivers a Roode Bomb. Roode is out a two.

    Roode side-steps a spear and connects with a spear of his own. Lashley is out at two. Roode counters another spear from Lashley with a Roode Bomb! Another Roode Bomb spells the end for Lashley.

    Result: Bobby Roode def. Lashley

    Backstage: Matt Hardy says tonight is the night he fulfills his destiny.



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