BFG Results: Bound For Gold Match

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    Bound For Glory | October 4, 2015 | coverage by Bobby James

    Bound For Gold Gauntlet | Mr. Anderson vs. Jessie Godderz vs. Eli Drake vs. Al Snow vs. Aiden O’Shea vs. Robbie E vs. Mahabali Shera vs. Tyrus vs. Chris Melendez vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Abyss

    Godderz extends a hand at the opening bell. Anderson takes immediate control; Godderz plays opossum before sending Anderson into the bottom rope. Godderz press slams Mr. Anderson.

    Anderson connects with a swinging neckbreaker; Eli Drake enters the match. Drake and Godderz attempt to eliminate Mr. Anderson; Anderson saves himself as Al Snow enters with Head. Snow tosses Godderz and Drake across the ring.

    Snow delivers a series of headbutts to Godderz; Drake drops Snow with a neckbreaker. Anderson and Snow gain control as Aiden O’Shea enters the match. O’Shea sends Snow into the ring post and begins to brawl with Anderson, Godderz and Drake. Robbie E storms the ring.

    Robbie E joins forces with Snow to shift the complexion of the match. Snow eliminates Eli Drake with Head. Mahabali Shera is the next entrant; his music plays until everyone in the arena and ring is doing the “Shera Shake.”

    O’Shea interrupts the party with a strong headbutt. Shera clotheslines him over the top rope and continues to dance. Tyrus powers into the ring and dominates upon entry.

    “The Sarge” Chris Melendez enters, as Tyrus overpowers his opponents. Melendez immediately takes on Tyrus, Robbie E and Mr. Anderson. Tyrus eliminates Snow, Melendez and Shera. He then focuses on Anderson as tommy dreamer enters.

    Tyrus and Dreamer exchange low blows; Dreamer catches Tyrus with a crossbody. Godderz saves himself from elimination as “The Monster” Abyss climbs over the top rope. Abyss chokeslams Robbie E and comes face-to-face with Tyrus. Pope leaves commentary and enters the match!

    Pope eliminates himself and returns to commentary.

    Dreamer and Robbie E take down Abyss; Anderson and Godderz take on Tyrus. Abyss and Tyrus’ dominance continues until they come to blows. Dreamer interrupts Abyss’ attempt to eliminate Tyrus; Abyss catches him with the Black Hole Slam!

    Tyrus eliminates Abyss! Anderson and Dreamer DDT Tyrus! Godderz eliminates Robbie E with a headscissor. Anderson eliminates Dreamer and Godderz. Tyrus spikes Anderson; Anderson connects with the Green Bay Plunge! Tyrus powers out of the pin attempt.

    Anderson receivers another spike while trying to eliminate Tyrus. Tyrus makes the cover and claims the victory.

    Result: Tyrus def. Mr. Anderson

    Post-match: Ethan Carter III congratulates Tyrus. Tyrus announces he’ll be challenging for the TNA World Championship!



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