BFG Results: World Tag Team Championship - The Wolves vs. Trevor Lee & Brian Myers

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    Bound For Glory | October 4, 2015 | coverage by Bobby James

    Tag Team Championships | Trevor Lee & Brian Myers
    vs. The Wolves (c)

    Lee and Myers assault The Wolves before the bell. Davey Richards is isolated immediately as the official tries desperately to restore order. Richards finally tags Eddie Edwards and The Wolves shift the momentum.

    The Wolves isolate Brian Myers. Trevor Lee tags in, catching Richards with an impressive inside out crossbody. Lee scores a near fall. Richards is isolated again until eventually making the hot tag to Edwards.

    Edwards scores a near-fall on Myers. The Wolves double team Brian Myers; Lee runs distraction, allowing Myers to send Edwards into the guardrail.

    Lee tags in, aiming for a quick pin on Edwards. Lee & Myers isolate Edwards and send Richards from the apron. Edwards endures and catches Lee & Myers with a double dropkick and hurricanrana; he makes the tag!

    Richards storms the ring, scoring a near-fall on Trevor Lee. Richards connects with a t-bone suplex and sets up a suicide dive. Myers thwarts his attempt and Lee & Myers set up for a suplex; Edwards makes the save!

    The Wolves send Lee & Myers outside and connect with their signature suicide dives! They score a near-fall on Lee when Myers interrupts the count. Edwards sets up for a powerbomb – Lee rolls through, scoring a near-fall! Lee catches Edwards with a German suplex, scoring another near-fall! Richards just makes the save!

    Richards superplexes Lee. He doesn’t release and sets up a brainbuster. Edwards kicks him in the head before Lee drops and then he makes the cover. The Wolves retain!

    Result: The Wolves def. Trevor Lee & Brian Myers

    Backstage: Drew Galloway says he will overcome the odds and become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.



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