BFG Series Participants thread

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 31, 2013.

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  1. Who do you think will be involved in this year's BFG Series?

    I would say:

    1.) AJ Styles- He is the winner. But who knows, I think most of us assumed Storm would win when the series began last year

    2.) Samoa Joe

    3.) Magnus

    4.) John Morrison

    5.) Kazarian (Daniels was in it last year, give Kaz his shot)

    6.) Joseph Park (underdog story, possible semi-finalist)

    7.) Jeff Hardy

    8.) Matt Morgan

    9.) Gunner- had a big push in the 2011 BFG Series, I could see him getting another one this year.

    10.) James Storm

    11.) Joey Ryan- need more heels involved, as well as jobbers. Our man the Sleeze Factor fills both roles.

    12.) Jay Bradley (winner on Sunday to qualify)

    Semi Finalists: AJ, Hardy, Matt Morgan, Kazarian

    Finals: AJ vs Morgan.

    BFG: AJ vs Bully.

    So many different things could happen in this year's series. Do they include Aces & Eights members? Will any of the 4 of the amazing heel tag teams be involved? I chose Kaz and left the others out, but it wouldn't surprise me if all 4 Roode/Aries/Kaz/Daniels were in.

    Always an exciting time of year for TNA fans.
  2. This is who I'd like to be in the BFG Series:

    1. AJ Styles
    2. Matt Morgan
    3. Jeff Hardy
    4. Abbys or Joseph Park
    5. James Storm
    6. Bobby Roode
    7. Austin Aries
    8. Kazarian
    9. Daniels
    10. Gunner
    11. Samoa Joe
    12. Sam Shaw (gutcheck winner that gets qualified)
    Semi-final: Hardy-AJ-Storm-Aries
    Final: Hardy vs AJ
    BFG: AJ vs Ray
  3. - Matt Morgan
    - Bobby Roode
    - Austin Aries
    - AJ Styles
    - Kazarian
    - James Storm
    - Gunner
    - Samoa Joe
    - Magnus
    - Jeff Hardy
    - Kurt Angle
    - Jay Bradley

    The most realistic 12 IMO. This way, they'll probably have Kaz or Aries be this year's Robbie E of the Series. We can't have Daniels and AJ both in it b/c the Final Battle rule would be broken. But I guess we shouldn't count out one An8 member getting a spot in it too (Ken, Wes or DOC). And then comes to mind that BIG signing Dicksie is talking about.
  4. James Storm
    AJ Styles
    Kurt Angle
    Bobby Roode
    Samoa Joe
    Mr Anderson
    Jeff Hardy
    Joey Ryan
    Jay Bradley

    That's the ones I see being in the series, don't know who will win it, even if it looks like AJ Styles will get it, I won't put it past TNA to give it to another guy.
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