BFG Series will return

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. [video=youtube][/video]

    I definitely dug the BFG Series last year.. It's an original idea and gives a lot of matches meaning that otherwise wouldn't have any.

    Obviously I'll be pulling for Aries, anyone have any early predictions?


    Sabin? Pope? Hopefully Pope gets a spot

    You need a couple of lower level guys, and you obviously can't involve all of your top guys in it either. Final 4: Aries, Hardy, Magnus, & Crimson. Winner: Aries (Hardy is more likely IMO, but I'ma be a fanboy for the sake of this prediction)

    The ad makes it seem like Storm will be in there.. if he is in it's pretty telegraphed that it will be Roode/Storm at BFG for the title. It's a lot more interesting/wide open if he isn't.
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  2. Aries FTW.
  3. My predictions:

    1. AJ Styles
    2. Kurt Angle
    3. Kazarian
    4. Daniels
    5. Samoa Joe
    6. Magnus
    7. RVD
    8. Jeff Hardy
    9. Bully Ray
    10. Gunner
    11. Hernandez (heard some push is coming for him, God help us and other wrestlers)
    12. James Storm

    And an important note, I'd separate these 12 into 2 groups of 6, it'd be so much easier.


    - Bully Ray vs. Samoa Joe
    - Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm
    - Samoa Joe vs. James Storm

    BFG Main Event:

    - Bobby Roode(c) vs. James Storm

    Kinda predictable to some, but my creative mind would cook this up so good no one could predict it. :cool:

    For those wondering, no Aries, Anderson, Crimson and Morgan because I think they'll be chasing Roode through the summer for the title.
  4. Bully will definitely be in the final 4 so he can job at that point. It will be nice to see him pick up some wins in the meantime though.
  5. They need to do it Puro style: 12 wrestlers divided into two blocks, round robin style. Then you get semis...
  6. Round Robin style would be nice, and it just having more structure in general. Last time it was pretty random who had matches, when they had them, what type of matches they were, ect.

    Also they had goofy ass scoring for tag team matches I remember that made it seem pretty retarded at times.
  7. Last year, Gunner was 6-13 in the BFG Series and made it to the final 4. Pretty sure Pritchard and the current Creative regime won't let stuff like that happen. So, great news, it was a phenomenal concept and will be this year with a regime that won't let silly storylines overshadow quality wrestling.

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