BFGS Final Four - Who Goes on to BFG?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. AJ Styles

  2. Magnus

  3. Austin Aries

  4. Bobby Roode

  1. After two and a half months of singles matches, hardcore matches, and gauntlets; the BFG Series Final Four are:

    - AJ Styles
    - Magnus
    - Austin Aries
    - Bobby Roode

    AJ Styles has picked to face Austin Aries in one semifinal, while Roode faces Magnus in other next week at "No Surrender" live on Thursday night from St. Louis, MO.

    The finals will determine who goes on to wrestle the winner of Bully Ray vs. Ken Anderson World Heavyweight Title match on TNA's grandest stage, Bound For Glory, which hails from San Diego this year.

    My pick? Bully Ray beats Asshole, then Styles beats Magnus in the finals of the Series - and we have Bully vs. Styles in San Diego.
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  2. :yes: SAN DIEGO! Mah city :tough:

    Anyways, I would say probally AJ Styles, or maybe Bobby Roode....honestly, I don't care who wins, I'd root for all of them :woo:
  3. AJ no doubt about it
  4. Voted for Magnus for the lulz.
  5. I think aj styles to win the series and anderson face turn when he loses to bully.
  6. AJ Styles will win then win the World Title back, i'm 100% sure this will happen
  7. He's not my favorite of the four (that would be Aries), but I think Magnus will end up winning the BFG series to face Bully for the championship, thus furthering the A&8s vs. MEM angle.

    I see them building a longer angle between Aries and Styles, which will lead to one of them fighting for the title after the MEM/A&8s angle dies down. I think Roode will lose his semifinal due to interference by Daniels or Kazarian (maybe trying to help him win, maybe angry at the promo where he suggested he just used them to get to the final four).

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  8. The WHC, obviously.

    JK, going with Magnus.
  9. AJ for sure.
  10. I just have a feeling Aries will win it.
  11. Maybe Anderson wins, and Bully goes on to face Hogan @ BFG.

    That leaves pretty much anyone from the Four to win the Series.
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  12. That would be cool if it happened but i don't think it will.

  13. With the push he's had it wouldn't surprise me, makes more sense than the others too.
  14. 2012 BFG Series Finals

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