BFGS Qualifying Matches For Next Week

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. - Joseph Park vs. Crimson (who returns to TV after a one year absence)
    - Matt Morgan vs. Magnus vs. Rob Terry vs. Kenny King in a 4 Way
    - Daniels & Kazarian vs. Storm & Gunner
    - Austin Aries vs. Eric Young
    - AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle (in a Slammiversary return match)

    Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy, the winners of the past two BFG Series's, have qualified automatically.

  3. damn, some great names being left off. AJ obviously in over Kurt. Aries ver EY. I'll flip my shit if Storm/Gunner go over TAFKATWTTCOTW. Morgan should be a no brainer. Only matchup I am undecided on is Crimson/Park. Hopefully Park wins and it somehow leads to Crimson in A&8s.

    so I guess they aren't putting in anyone from Aces & Eights. Makes sense that they don't.
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    Crimson back on TV? Oh hell yeah!

    So far we have Roode, Hardy, Bradley, Joe, and Shane. Right?
    You just listed 6 qualifiers from that list... 5 + 6 = 11... am I missing someone?
    Anyway: Someone's gotta play the Robbie E role this year, and Joey Park at least has an easy out. Not many of these guys can come in last without being buried. Crimson won't be used anyway, as Dolph's says hopefully they'll get him in the Aces.
    Anyone except Rob Terry is fine in Match 2, fuck Rob Terry. Magnus can find other things to do whereas Morgan and King would be directionless. Would be awesome to get King in, but they've really gotta capture Morgan's momentum while he has some left. If he doesn't get in he better either go on a rampage or get to WWE.
    BI in the BFG series please and thank you. The summer just wouldn't be complete without you.
    TNA: Right now I've done a lot to praise your product, there won't be a lot that can make me ragequit it. But A-Double jobbing to Eric Young? That'll do it. And no way Kurt goes over AJ now.

    This is a loaded lineup, some amazing star power in this series if everything goes according to plan... but, there isn't that much filler in it. There's too many people who need good finishes and others who need to not lose momentum with a poor finish. But lets wait until we know who's in it to bitch about it.

    Wait: Testify, hold on. With Gunner and James Storm being awkwardly thrown together as a tag-team, maybe that's where Crimson comes in. He's been talking up tagging with Gunner at Joker's Wild and on Twitter, and apparently they have history in OVW. And for Crimson to double-cross Storm (the guy who ended his undefeated streak) by sending out Gunner to tag with him for a little while before Gunner screws him out of the tag titles to benefit Crimson... that could be really cool!
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