Hell in a Cell Big Bear vs Strong Bear

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Oct 12, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG]

    aka... Roman Reigns vs Rusev

    I am a fan of Rusev. I think he is one of the best wrasslers that are "bulky" (another example is KO). The thing that still puzzles the crap out of me is... He fights for the honor of his wife, protects her, shows compassion for her and all that YET he is the heel? Did I miss something here? That is not the point of the thread...


    Anyways, I think this match may end up surprising us. We are due for a hard hitting Ru-Ru match and I'd honestly like to see Roman get a little beat up (scripted of coarse, no REAL injuries). I am really just hoping to see Roman put on a show. I know he can wrestle but for some reason, since a little before his suspention, he just seems to not show as much passion as he once did in the Shield... JUST MAKE HIM A FULL BLOWN BLOODY HEEL ALREADY VINCE! YOU ARE RUINING HIS CAREER! HAVE HIM LOSE THE VEST, LOSE HIS MIND AND JUST BEAT THE LIVING SHI-.... off topic again. Well, kind of.

    I want Rusev to win regaurdless cause :rusev2::rusev:>>>>:reigns2::reigns3:


    Are you looking forward to this match? You think it will be better than expected? Who do you want to win?
  2. Rusev.

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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. I'm not looking forward to the match, but I think it can be a good one. Just don't let them go 20+ minutes, FFS.

    Oh, and Reigns wins, obviously.
  5. NOOOOOOO!!!!:rusev:
    :reigns2: WHYYYY!!!???

    And why not 20+ minutes? I think Rusev can handle a long match.:rusev2:
  6. It's been 10 minutes since you posted possibly the most otherwise random and pointless photoshop ever uploaded to the web and I still haven't stopped laughing hahaha
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  7. Both of them can 'handle a long match', but I doubt they can make it compelling for that long. I do hope I'm proven wrong, though.
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  8. No...WWE Creative did...

    Ru-Ru for the win...(Even though he did let Charlotte
    down recently...not good enough Ru-Ru)

    This is another guy who is truly an amazing wrestler...
    He has size, speed and strength...and a beautiful wife.

    (Hey Question for you long time fans...can Lana actually wrestle?
    Just Curious...)

    This is the guy I hope Samoa Joe feuds with when he
    reaches the main roster. That would be epic!!!

    I don't really have a problem with Roman Reigns...
    But now its just getting kind of sad...

    I almost feel sorry for him...almost.
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  9. Yes, I believe she started wrestling earlier this year. She hasn't had any televised matches as far as I know, but she's mainly wrestled at live events.
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  10. Nice...Thanks for that...
  11. There is a man who, fights for the honor of wife, but gets wedding trashed. He Looks like a giant teddy bear and he rightfully wants vengeance against the person who ruined his special day.


    US: Why? He obviously got screwed and he clearly doesn't deserve to get his wedding ruined by...

    WWE: He's from Russia! Boo him!

    US: He's from Bulgaria...


    US: She's really Ame...


    US: .............................

    Bonus: Because of thread title (open)
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  12. #12 Grievous, Oct 12, 2016
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    WWE: We need a heel for Roman to fight...I know...let's use that Russian guy...Ivan Drago!!!

    US: His name is Rusev...and he's Bulgarian...

    WWE: Whatever...the one with the leggy wife...people hate him...this will so get them cheering for Roman!

    US: But we like Rusev more than Roman...remember...we cheered for Rusev to eliminate
    Roman at that one Royal Rumble you want to forget about...Remember how The Rock came
    out and the fans still booed the piss out of Roman?


    US: Okay Vince...Just calm down...


    US: Oh God...Vince is off his crazy pills again...somebody call Linda!
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  13. :win:
  14. I'm looking forward to the match. I think if they allow them to get a little extreme, like a spear through the cell, super man punch with a chain on, accolade with a chain, tables, etc. it could be a really good match.

    Keep it intense from the get go. Start off with a brawl. Keep the match to about 25 mins and it'll go over well.
  15. I'd hope so...it is Hell In A Cell...

    Oh wait...I haven't watched any of the PG Era Hell In A Cell Matches...

    Oh No...
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  16. If you want a good example Grievous, check out HIAC 2011, Randy Orton vs Mark Henry.
    Not a bad match at all. Perfectly capable secondary title match on a PPV, and they put over Mark Henry in such a glorious way and set up the best damn heel champ in this whole era.

    Honestly I'm more okay with that than watching a Hell in a Cell match end in outside bullshit, the "Leo Cage Match" principle.... Oh no, Owens and Rollins...

    Or they can just break the cell in this match and fight in a cell with a hole in it the rest of the night. OH MAH GOODNESS ROMAN JUST SPEARED HIM THROUGH THE UNFORGIVING STEEL WALL. That'll go well
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  17. Rusev is heel because he isnt american and is Russian/Bulgarian or whatever they are billing him from now.

    I want Rusev to win, I want him to obliterate Roman.

    But you know, Vince. :ohyeah:
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  18. Thanks for the recommendation...
    I actually love the idea of that...the Cell has lasting "Battle Damage"
    which gets worse over the course of 3 matches. I could see the referees
    trying to repair it with zip-ties and chains as the main event rolls around.

    I know this may sound kind of sick...but my "favorite" is the thumb tacks...
    I'm kind of hoping a bag will make an appearance in one of the matches.

    Just not the women's match...I couldn't handle seeing Charlotte stuck with
    multiple thumb tacks.

    Yeah it would...if Rusev put Roman through it...lol...No but seriously
    Roman is okay...you guys should stop picking on him.

    Besides you could always pick on Eva Marie...that's fun right?

    Man...imagine the Walking on the Sun levels of heat you'd get
    if you turned Roman smug Heel and paired him with Eva Marie...


    I second that...I want Rusev to go all Ivan Drago on Roman...
    But not in the punch him till he dies way...that would be a bit
    too extreme. Hell...even if Roman was dead Vince would still
    be pushing him.

    Vince: Reform the Shield and have Rollins and Ambrose carry Roman around "Weekend at Bernie's" style!

    Us: Vince...you got to let it go man...there are maggots coming out of his ears...

    Vince: But our focus groups say maggots are in right now!

    Us: Vince...this is a worse idea than Beaver Cleavage!!!
    Thankfully I don't know him personally...but I know he loves Roman...
  19. That's part of the issue. In my opinion, some of the bloody matches are needed in some cases with hell in a cell. Makes it seem like the superstars are trying to destroy each other. Sure, you can sell a match without blood, but in something like HIAC, the blood is fitting if you ask me.
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  20. Roman Reigns is winning. Will likely get a lengthy title reign as part of his rebuilding phase.
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