News Big Boss Man behaves badly in to the hall of fame

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Mar 7, 2016.

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    "The WWE Hall of Fame now finally has its law and order. As first reported by , the newest inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame is The Big Boss Man.

    Boss Man, a former Cobb County, Ga., corrections officer turned sports-entertainer decked out in full police uniform, first debuted in WWE in the late ‘80s. Managed by the legendary Slick, the ruthless Boss Man gained notoriety for not only defeating his opponents with ease, but also handcuffing them to the ropes and then bashing them with his patented nightstick. Though he had no trouble muscling opponents around, Boss Man was also deceptively quick and agile for a performer who weighed over 300 pounds, often being heralded as one of WWE’s best, and most unique, athletes. He had memorable encounters with the likes WWE Hall of Famers Randy Savage, Koko B. Ware and Shawn Michaels, and he also joined forces with another monstrous Superstar, Akeem, to form the titanic tag team known as The Twin Towers."

    Use this thread for all your Big Boss Man needs.

  2. He was a very agile worker in the 80s, definitely a good pick for the HOF as a supporting member of the cast so to speak.

    I wonder who'll induct him.
  3. Big Show's da....Wait.
    Al Snow's do.....Hold on.

    I'll think of something. Did he have a manager who's still kicking about?
  4. Slick is apparently still alive.

    Hopefully Akeem is still going strong also.

  5. Akeem is still jiving/one man ganging
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  6. Glad to hear Akeem is love, Akeem is life.

    Also one thing which surprised me about The Big Bossman was his ability to operate at a high pace for a sustained period of time, there's been big guys who could do it in bursts but he seemed to bounced around spots, if that makes sense? Here's a short example of what I'm trying to say.

    Who'll be there to accept his induction, any word?
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  7. I assume someone from his next of kin will accept it. Like Paul Bearer's sons did for him. Granted one of them then used the ring to propose to his trailer trash looking girlfriend and then sold it (way to go, kid. I'm sure dad is proud)
  8. I heard that the ring on pawnstars was supposed to be Sunny's.

    Still, using your late dad's hall of fame ring as an engagement ring just reaks of no class.
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  9. Love the Big Boss Man. If u go back the Attitude Era we was clearly one of the best heels. Easily in the top 5 behind guys like Taker and HHH.
  10. Glad I didn't post this thread... I was going to but then it would have looked like crap. lol
  11. Dat kennel from hell match was a brutal hellacious battle, Him and Al Snow were never the same again. :fact:

    Always liked him, very entertaining
  12. He was an entertaining guy. Cool character, very agile for a man his size, and I found his back-to-back feuds with Al Snow and The Big Show in 1999 to be two of the best midcard feuds of the Attitude Era as well, almost entirely due to the Bossman's character (cooking Pepper and feeding him to Al Snow, hijacking the casket of Show's father and then writing a poem mocking his death, etc.) Had a very successful rivalry with Hulk Hogan on the house show circuit (which was the main source of business back then), and he and Akeem even had the distinct honor of being able to eliminate Hogan cleanly from the 1989 Royal Rumble match. Just saying.
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  13. Happy with this. He was one of my absolute favourites when I was a kid.
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