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  1. @Senhor Perfect

    I've heard some BS about 2 HOH's each week and 4 nominees.

    sounds stupid as fuck. I wish they would stick to the basics that make the game great and stop trying to appeal to retards.

    3 days till the premiere I thinks
  2. Sounds shitty. I've seen the new cast, nothing special to look at either, hopefully the personalities are good.
  3. I've gotten tired of all the boring "pretty people" they usually get. hopefully they have a more interesting cast
  4. Watched the premiere eps

    Only like a few of them, hate most of them.


    Donny- funny redneck, seems smarter than most will expect
    Milf- can't remember her name but she is ultra fine.
    Nicole- blonde w glasses. hot and nice but seems like a bad player

    Jew lesbian, no explanation needed
    Coffee burista- so annoying
    blue hair bitch- ugh
    Redneck hunting guide- annoying, retarded
    Soccer player- retard
    Tips tequila- die in a fire

    unless I'm forgetting someone I'm pretty neutral on the rest.
    6/10 cast first impressions
  5. as for the game itself, retarded.

    too many twists. 2 HOH, 4 nom battle of the block shit is terrible enough, but throw in America's alliance? awful

    funny thing is America seems to resent it. I really don't think blue hair is popular, I think America knows the team America thing is a detrement so they will vote in the lamest ones
  6. @Dolph'sZiggler

    So are you still watching? Kinda bummed the only decent looking chicks are all out and we're left with a bunch of guys. At least that zach guy is trying to cause some shit. It all seems so vanilla this year. They need some Dr.Will up in this shit.
  7. I only made it like 2 eps in. such a terrible cast. fuck this season

    I'ma rewatch S2
  8. Amazing how season 2 is still the GOAT season. The HoH room was so shitty :lol1:
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  9. How can anyone else match this godliness?
  10. Devin is missed
  11. I dk what a devin is. but this season is the WOAT as is the cast
  12. I guess you didnt watch BB15,but yeah this season kinda sucks balls.
  13. that black bitch? she was lame
  14. I swear black people wont get casted unless they worship god lmao
  15. Worst player ever. Makes an alliance, two minutes later calls a house meeting and tells everyone everything. Multiple times. What a loser.
  16. His week as HoH was entertaining, stupid but it was still cool to watch.
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