Big Cass is terrible

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Redboy123@, Jun 13, 2018.

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  1. Big Cass is terrible. He is unbearable. He makes me want to change the channel. He is just the worst. The biggest problem is that he thinks that he is better than Daniel Bryan because he is so tall....But he lost clean to Bryan at Backlash. His character is so stupid its unreal. Cass is so bad.

    I don't blame Cass though. The WWE writers are terrible at their jobs as we all know. I do think that Cass has potential due to his size and decent promo ability. But he really needs a character change.

    How would you fix Cass? Or can he not be fixed?
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  2. I can't stand him either, saw a few of his recent promos... Just so corny, and in the ring he is very limited. He needs to go away IMO, go find Enzo and tag on the independent scene. I think that would be best for both of them.
  3. I mean I don't rate Cass' in ring ability. He has a few good power moves, a hot tag and that's it. But when I look at WWE I just see loads of little guys, so it's nice to see someone who actually looks like a wrestler. I think they should just not have Cass JUST talk about how tall he is all the time. Because in WWE we have established that size doesn't mean anything at all.
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  4. I agree. I like having big guys around, but Cassidy, as you pointed out, is garbo. There's such little energy and excitement with him. He's got a nice big boot, but not much else.

    Ryback is where it's at. I miss that guy a lot.
  5. Big Cass is kinda broken goods rn. I don't think he can be fixed. He is always going to be the guy who lost to a 5 foot 8 man. His whole character means nothing. Down the card he goes. Shit version of Test
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  6. So many people hated the dude but I always enjoyed him. At least he put on a show. Big cAss just sucks the life out of the arena he is in.
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  7. The best he ever was, was when Enzo got injured and he basically did the SAWFT gimmick on his own in NXT and had Carmella at house shows in Enzo's absence
  8. I hated Ryback for a while but warmed up to him while he was teaming with Curtis Axel in 2016. From then on I was a fan.
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  9. he aint the same guy without enzo
  10. The best thing they could have done was pair him up with Corbin
    (on RAW or SDL) as a tag team...just have them be a couple of
    thugs who kick the shit out of everyone...but who cares what I

    Just change the channel!
  11. Yh but if they did that then we wouldn't of had the greatest gimmick Constable Corbin
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  12. I have no idea what you are talking about...

    Sounds fucking stupid but...
  13. The reason it's great is because it sounds stupid
  14. Big Cass is terrible because of the Litter Box he's in. Nobody cleans the damn thing. Booking has gotten
    worse over the years and he's just part of a dirty laundry malfunction. Robotic is the term used often.
  15. I actually absolutely adore the "I'm better" even though he lost angle. How many times does a heel say something that is correct, and you the viewer then turn on the face because the heel is wrong. Don't say "But theoretically I would want the face to prove the heel wrong" because that's bullshit. You instantly turn in them and never let it go. Big Cass is wrong, we know he's wrong, he doesn't care that he's wrong, so he says it anyways and then we get annoyed. I don't know about you, but I get annoyed right away then appreciate it after the fact, which is what the best heel is. Hate yet appreciate
  16. Damaged goods because he lost to a little man? You know that little man is Daniel Bryan, the guy who defeated Triple H and Orton + Batista and won two titles in the main event of Wrestlemania, as well as defeating Vince McMahon's will irl, defeating concussions, and is arguably one of the greatest of all time? This praise all coming from a guy who doesn't even like DBry. It's not like he lost to Kalisto
  17. Yeah...

    You have fun with that...
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  18. This is... All you can really book him for in WWE. A filler feud based on being bigger and stronger while Bryan doesn't have anything else to do. Lol. Otherwise I can see him being a decent new Japan hot tag guy or one of the reptile tribe or shit like that.
  19. Cass' whole character is based on being tall. So him losing to Bryan pretty much makes him redundant after this feud. He is not going to be a threat. What is Cass going to do after this fued, face more little guys? He is a one dimensional character.
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    Yes I will thanks mate