News Big Cass Wants to Face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania

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  1. Big Cass sat down for an interview with Sport Bible where he talked about different topics. He discussed the disbanding of his team and turning on Enzo Amore, facing Big Show, and his dream match at WrestleMania. Here is a short excerpt from the interview:

    “I feel it could have maybe happened a little earlier, it definitely was a long time coming, a long time coming since NXT to be honest with you, I’ve definitely thought about it and talked about it, since NXT – there’s a lot of reasons behind that I won’t get into but someone can only tick-tail so much and eventually you reach the point where they are holding you back, to a certain extent. It’s just day after day, all you can keep thinking about is that so you definitely contemplating splitting. I definitely think it happened at the right time, if not even earlier would have been good.”

    Stated Big Cass, when talking about turning on his tag team partner Enzo Amore. Big Cass was revealed to be Enzo’s mystery attacker on the June 19 episode of Monday Night RAW, which kicked off his career as a singles competitor. He then went on to feud with the Big Show on the July 10 episode of RAW after defeating Enzo Amore at Great Balls Of Fire the night before.

    Big Cass says he wants to main event WrestleMania with Roman Reigns – who has main evented WM three times.

    “Roman Reigns has main evented three Wrestlemanias in a row and I’d really like to main event Wrestlemania with Roman Reigns. – that’s the match I really want right now. Love him, hate him – whatever you think of him it doesn’t matter, he’s main evented three straight Wrestlemanias and that’s almost unprecedented. I think The Rock is the only other guy to have been able to do that – three in a row.

    “So right now, currently, [my dream match] is to main event Wrestlemania with Roman Reigns. He’s set the bar for Wrestlemania and that’s the guy I want to face at Wrestlemania.”

    You can check out the full interview on Sport Bible here.

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  2. I doubt Roman will be Main Eventing this Up Coming WM. Has there EVER been 1 Guy Main Eventing at WM 4 times in a row??
  3. Besides the obvious Hulk Hogan, I'd almost include Triple H because he was planned to have his 4th one in a row at Mania 23 but he got injured. Doesn't change the plans tho.
    And with all the talk about Cena facing Reigns this Mania already, I wouldn't be shocked if he main events again. As a matter of fact, I expect him to main event Mania again because it's either going to be Reigns vs Lesnar for one last time, Cena vs Reigns or even an Undertaker rematch (which is the wildcard here) and in all 3 cases I'm pretty sure it will main event. There isn't a bigger "new star" other than Reigns right now, so you can bet on him getting that spot again (if he doesn't get injured of course)
  4. Good Point SWL.
    But an Undertaker Rematch? I thought he retired?
  5. I don't know, I thought so too but then there have been talks about a return and tbh I'd like to see them have another match to "fix" the first one and have Taker put up more of a fight with his new hip. Then again, I said it was a wildcard because realistically I really don't see it happening
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  6. I DO remember that last match he had. Saw they almost messed up the one move. Here's MY opinion for if I were to do a rematch for Taker.
    For one, I think maybe they SHOULD hv a rematch for Undertaker.
    Let's say that he IS Retired, But give him a more respectable lose or Win. Which ever way, after that match is over, Everyone in the locker room could step out around the ring to congratulate Undertaker for his hard work and good dedication to the WWE. This is just MY thoughts.
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  7. I think Roman might Beat Big Cass at WM.
  8. Cass can win the battle royal and fuck off
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