Big E Langston has a big future.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Nov 9, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone else watch this guy on NXT apart from the few NXT marks on here? Silly question probably, but if you don't - do it. Sure he's another big muscle guy who was a body builder, but he's a genuinely successful body builder, he's breaking records in all states (think he was the guy featured in Cena's video package against Rock).

    He looks like he's very athletic as well, he reminds me of a modern Bobby Lashley, and I was a huge mark of his. He has a pretty cool theme to, well, it's unique, I doubt many people here will actually like the song. But he's over as hell in NXT and he has a great "five" chant, where he pins the opponent for five seconds instead of three. He isn't really a heel or face, he just destroys people, he's very similar to Ryback in that sense.

    Check him out if you can.
  2. Big E Lanceston has a big future.

    I'm sure he'll be World Heavyweight Champion by the end of 2013. He'll get moved up to the main roster, Vince will slide his dick up his bodybuilding ass, & then boom, WHC. I would say WWE Champion, but he's black. (oh its true)
  3. RE: Big E Lanceston has a big future.

    It actually is. Lol.

    Are you actually a fan of him or do you see him on the generic muscle-guy side of the spectrum?
  4. RE: Big E Lanceston has a big future.

    I just don't like his look. I don't know exactly what it is, but yeah. I also have a personal vendetta against football players & bodybuilders who get to be in WWE over people like TJ Perkins & Jay Lethal.
  5. Big E Lanceston has a big future.

    It's Langston not Lanceston! :yuno:
    I really like him, he is a big guy like you say but he is also very athletic and I do think he could go on to be something special, his build reminds me of myself actually.
  6. Big E Lanceston has a big future.

    Just realised that myself, was about to change. FU Cole.

    And yeah Pulse his look is quite generic:


    I'm just hoping he can do some abnormally athletic stuff for a big guy, similar to Lashley.
  7. good gimmick.. but his face reminds me of a special needs guy who went to prison and had nothing better to do cept eat paint chips and work out....
  8. I've watch NXT, He's good. I'm not a fan of his though.
  9. I like watching him, I don't like nor dislike his matches, they're OK, but seeing the 5 count and the crowd going crazy for him to attack the other guy after the match is over is pretty cool. His theme is also nice.
  10. Push him I say, we don't have enough muscle freaks in singlets these days IMO.
  11. I like the guy and the NXT crowd know whats the real deal.
  12. :isee:

    Thing is, he is genuinely very similar to Ryback. So I'm unsure on how to use him on the big stage. Perhaps as an enforcer for a big stable could be good.
  13. See I think it's a shame they have had a mini streak with Ryback otherwise I saw him recreating the Goldberg streak as it's been a long time since that an I reckon would be kinda cool but they ballsed it by having Ryback have one.

    Bring him in next year and have a stable with Punk, Heyman, Lesnar and him and just own everyone!
  14. [​IMG]

    He's good, but the down part for him is that he's only 5''11..
    Also the attire.. :urm: Meh..
  15. Saw him last night while watching NXT, seems like a cool dude to me. Guess I'm one of few people who actually likes his attire though...
  16. Another huge monster?
    Yeah. He'll get a push eventually.
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