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  1. Big E Langston shocker him winning the IC title last night looks like his buddy John Cena got him this title win as he was nowhere to be seen a few weeks back. So how long is Big E Langston gonna be IC champion for?
  2. How's it a shocker? Big E deserves a Mid Card title at the moment. I'm not sure why you think John Cena has something to do with it I mean Cena hasn't got control over other people's matches. It's not a Shocker.....It's something he should of got a month ago.
  3. Wat....dafuq did I just read?
  4. Big E Langston and John Cena are buddies dont you remember that clip shown last year during Wrestlemania week of him working out in Cena's gym so you got to think they are close and when Cena disappeared for two months from that injury Big E Langston didnt get any push or tv time but when Cena came back so did Big E Langston and now he is IC champion doesnt take a genius to work out how this happened
  5. Apparently not :happy:
  6. Two in the pink, one in the stink.
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  7. Wait the fuck! @Senhor Perfect this closes, 24 hours to spoilers!

    FUCK, i was like 20 mins from raw and following you around. I will give myself 50% of the blame, and you both 25%, but status and thread spoilers are supposed to wait 24 hours.

    BLFFL i hate you. Senhor close? I'll avoid RAW when missing it the night before. :damn:
  8. who cares Raw sucks
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  9. I care.
  10. The spoiler prefix is clearly on the thread. Wake up Aids :jeritroll:
  11. Yeah, shit. My bad.
  12. So you think he got the title just because he's friends with Cena? Not the fact he's a fantastic wrestler including being so agile and fast for his size. Plus he has the look down and obviously grafts his arse off backstage to stay in shape and improve so much like he has. In the few weeks he's been getting pushed and good tv time he's put the entire of Rybacks push to shame.
  13. I had a feeling last night when watching the match that Langston would be winning. It was time for Axel to drop the title seeing as how he's done nothing with it, and it also gives Heyman a reason to flaunt what a great manager he is by pointing out that this is what happens when you align yourself with Paul Heyman and what happens when you ditch him - Axel became Intercontinental Champion immediately after pairing himself with Heyman but then instantly lost the title the second he disassociated himself from him.
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  14. The pop when he won was probably the loudest of the night.
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  15. I think the pop he got for it proves that it wasn't just because he's buddies with Cena. He's a good big man in-ring, charismatic and he's able to cut some great promos.
  16. I'm waiting for him to cut a promo on how he wants 5 counts from now on.
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  17. Big E is very over with the crowd, he has been getting good pops since his face turn. He's very good in the ring and I can see him improving a bit on the mic. Not to mention, he's been going after midcard champions for weeks now. He did beat Dean Ambrose in a US Championship match twice, and was suppose to fight Curtis Axel on the last Pay-Per-View.
  18. This needs to happen I miss the 5 count. Plus half the crowd were waving 5 at him when he won.
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  19. That's what makes it better, haha. I was making the five when he won too. I miss that.
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  20. I gotta go back to this: How is this a shocker?

    He's very over (especially for a midcard guy), a solid worker, he's got a terrific look and good mic skills. And people have thought he needed a title for a month or six weeks.

    If I were making a cake and these were milk, eggs, sugar, etc., the crowning of Big E as IC Champion would be the perfect recipe.

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