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  1. So I don't often watch NXT but I just watched the latest episode and I found it weird that Big E Langston plays a face on NXT but plays a heel on Raw. I thought it was completely out of the ordinary but is this normal for NXT?Thoughts on this?
  2. NXT is taped once a month. So the show is in general a month behind.It is also a separate entity outside of the main roster so Big E being face in NXT isn't such a big deal.
  3. Big E is so cool as a face, the crowd loves him and that 5 count gimmick is so awesome. I can't wait to see him as a face in the Dubya Dubya EEE.

    BTW, Sami Zayn is set to debut on NXT next week!
  4. Big E's title match with Sandow was great, though the steam/fog at the end was a bit unnecessary despite Big E looking extremely cool in it. :dawg:
  5. I personally find it odd people can get behind big e.
  6. Why, the man has all the tools, all we need from him in the WWE is to see if he can get the job done on the microphone.I would take Biggie E over Ryback anyday of the week!
  7. I would as well, but I'm still not a big fan.
  8. The 5 count needs to be on RAW its awesome.
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  9. Understandable but eventually he will break away from Ziggler and we will see if he sinks or swims.
  10. It really does. Big E's five count gets just as much pops on NXT as Bryan's yes/no chants on Raw/SD. I hope they plan on carrying it over somehow, but considering NXT is pretty much a different reality than Raw/SD, I wouldn't hold my breathe. :urm:
  11. Well there's not enough room in the front with all that cleavage.
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  12. I love his 5 count gimmick, Big E is good as a heel and a face, in my opinion.
  13. I see what you did there.
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