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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Harley Quinn, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG] Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 290 lbs.
    From: Tampa, Fla.

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    [​IMG] The word “Big” almost feels like an understatement when talking about Big E Langston, but how else do you describe a 290-pound tank of a man who can deadlift a Fiat? Superhuman comes to mind. So does Herculean. “Big” leaves no question about the type of carnage this beast will bring to WWE.

    How did Langston become one of the most physically intimidating men on the planet? Leaving an ocean of sweat in the weight room helped, but the sobering fact is that some people are just born special. Langston was always the strongest kid in class — an advantage he used to win state championships in high school wrestling and punish quarterbacks on the defensive line for the University of Iowa.

    By the time he was 24, Langston was already shattering state and national powerlifting records as he threw around numbers not witnessed since the days when Mark Henry was active in the sport — 800-pound deadlifts; 529 pounds on the bench. Had squats been a national pastime there’s a chance WWE fans would never have witnessed the phenomenon that is Big E Langston. But the titan’s desire for the world to see what he was capable of brought him to WWE’s developmental system, NXT.

    Utilizing his amateur background and comic book–like strength, Langston had little trouble turning full-grown fighting machines into whimpering babies. The big man’s dominance was such that he demanded referees count to five instead of the requisite three — an exclamation point that illustrated just how much he enjoyed humiliating his outmatched competition.

    WWE officials predicted major things for Big E Langston, but nobody expected him to arrive in WWE the way he did. It was on the Dec. 17 edition of Raw that the behemoth first appeared in front of the WWE Universe, charging down the entrance ramp alongside AJ Lee as John Cena tangled with Dolph Ziggler in the ring. Immediately, the hulking monster grabbed Cena, tossed him onto his shoulder as if his body was filled with helium and then slammed him into the mat with frightening authority.

    The fact that Langston manhandled the Cenation leader once was impressive. When he did it again the next night on SmackDown it became clear that he was more than just some oversized lout who got lucky. As of now, little is known about the strongman’s objective, but one thing is clear — Big E Langston is a big problem.

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    Source: :damn: reports by Farooq
  2. Another ugly motherfucker.
  3. Lol @ his face.
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  4. 'sup with you h8'in on ugly dudez
    u gey bro?
  5. No...
  6. No, but he seriously has like a fucked up face. It's deformed or something, he might be your cousin.
  7. He really does... I mean like...

  8. Joke of the year
  9. 5'11? That isn't so big.
  10. I thought he was quite small tbh, but he is freakishly strong and looks like a tank so it don't matter.
  11. I guess freakishly large E Langston doesn't have the same ring to it. :notsure:
  12. Didn't know he was 5'11. But yeah, he's strong and stuff so it's OK.
  13. His height shouldn't be an issue. WWE considers a 'big guy' to be at least 6'1. He's only one inch shorter.
  14. This guy will soon be jobbing
  15. He's only one inch taller than me. Nice. But yeah, his tank-like physique helps make WWE happy, too, I'm sure. Meanwhile....

    "Leaving an ocean of sweat in the weight room helped...."
    :eww: :wtf:
  16. lol dude is 5'11 (pro tip: wrestling 5'11 is irl 5'8). What a scrub. Green as shit, no charisma and no reason for him to be around. He is like a black, less impressive version of Mason Ryan

    maybe he can do some squats on Raw or something.
  17. I think he was seriously brought up because Vince wanted someone who looked like he could powerlift Cena. And sadly he went for Big E instead of Psycho Leo Kruger. Kruger with his insane poacher gimmick hunting Cena would be great I think.
  18. All in due time. I think Ryblack will drop his title to Kruger soon. Give him some time as champ to see if he can run with the main NXt title.
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