Big E Says Goodbye to the IC Title

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nero_x3, May 8, 2014.

  1. I'm sorry if this doesn't need it's own thread, but oh dear god this was fucking hysterical the first time I saw it, and I still love it.
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  2. I bet he's REALLY gonna miss never getting to defend it.

    On a more serious note (wait, I was being serious...), I wish they'd let Big E show his natural personality more. He would be a lot more over.
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  3. What Lockard said. If they showed this side of Big E more I would enjoy watching him so much more.
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  4. He defended against Sandow at TLC, honestly I really can't remember any other defenses though.
  5. He had 5 defenses in 6 months... vs Axel (rematch), vs Sandow (TLC), vs Fandango (RAW), vs Swagger (EC), vs Ziggler (Main Event)
  6. His Main Event Match was his best title defence (successful). His match with Barrett was decent on RAW, I honestly would like to see a title chase with Big E and Barrett
  7. OH snap! Take that @Lockard23 !

    But I agree, if we saw more of this from him it would be awesome. Funny little video.
  8. lol And not a single actual rivalry amongst any of those defenses (unless you count the Axel matches as a 'rivalry.') 99.9% of people likely don't even remember three out of five of those, which just illustrates how little being the IC Champion means these days. I also think it's sad that the Intercontinental Champion, especially considering he's supposed to be the second most important titleholder in the company, gets virtually no mic time to show his personality or talk about what being the champion means to him or at least something.
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  9. That video is some funny shit.

    You can't teach personality (I'm looking at you, Curtis/Mike/Joe Axel/McGillicutty/Hennig). Unfortunately, WWE too often shows that you can stifle it.

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  10. If they let Big E shine his persona more, he could be like a modern day version of Mark Henry's old "Sexual Chocolate" character from the late-90's (i.e. a big black romantic love machine.) They could even show a segment or two backstage of Big E and Henry trading romantic advice as a callback to Henry's old gimmick.
  11. As long as they don't try to do any of the gross out stuff like they did with Henry and Mae young (RIP)
  12. Well, no. Most of that stuff wouldn't pass with the PG rating anyway. Then again, a lot of fun stuff they could do with this type of persona (like seeing a shot of Big E making out with a Diva in the shower) couldn't be done today.

    His whole character doesn't have to be Sexual Chocolate 2.0 anyway, just let him show the lighter/comedic aspect of himself that also exhibited parts of his romantic and amorous side as well.
  13. [QUOTE="Lockard23, post: 842366, member: 6008" I wish they'd let Big E show his natural personality more. He would be a lot more over.[/QUOTE]

    Was just about to say this.
  14. Big E is a funny f**cker. Please use this WWE.
  15. Why did they cut out the best part?! Or is it going to be on the WWE app?
  16. 1993 and the spin doctors called, they said that shit is played out.
  17. They should actually let Big E cut promos, so we actually think "oh shit he REALLY wants the IC title back" and not "oh look he's fighting again," because I guarantee the WWE if Big E shows any emotion at all and we get a feud or two going over the IC title, suddenly everyone will actually give a shit. :pity2: Simple shit, WWE.
  18. I would say the same thing about so much of the talent.

    Of course, I was under the impression that the whole point of building NXT the way they had was to help the talent learn how to do things like cut promos to build feuds. Instead, outside of the main event scene, all we get too often are seemingly-random matches for the IC, US, Divas, and Tag Titles. (note: they seem to tease such capacity recently, but I haven't seen the carrying-out of that capacity often enough yet)

    It's almost like they forget too often that the whole show benefits from storyline, not just the top guys.

  19. It seems as if once the NXT wreslters have had feuds there, they'll move on to the main roster and then WWE will just stick with the Main Event feud and two side ones (featuring Cena, The Shield or the Wyatts). RAW's getting a bit boring now again, mainly because of the horrible Bryan-Kane stuff (please, WWE, get him some new challengers) and the fact that I don't care about half of these midcard titles. I mean, Barrett and Sheamus are early into their new reigns so WWE would be smart to finally start feuds but then again I remember the countless times we said the same thing and it never happened. The Usos' feud with The New Age Outlaws were good but now they're so boring. I'd have Los Matadores be a more serious team (and get rid of the intro, it only worked in their debut), Harper and Rowan and that rumoured Disgruntled Superstars team be there so we're not seeing The Usos, Rybaxel and The Brotherhood (who seem to be jobbing as of late, so we'll finally get a Cody vs Goldust match that's months overdue) competing every week without feuds.
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