Big E/Ziggler Feud

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  1. Whats your guys thoughts on this and how do you think the match will go?
  2. I think it is a waste of Ziggler's momentum and he should be winning the belt from ADR at Summerslam in either a ladder match or 2/3 falls match (my preference would be the latter)

    My thoughts on the match is there is no reason for Big E to go over, so I sort of expect him to.
  3. This.

    Langston will go over, Im a fan of Langston but Ziggler should win and this should have been held off till OTL.
  4. Actually I think WWE has no creativity and they'll do the same they did with Riley and Miz, with Ziggler and Big E tbh.
  5. No creativity? Yeah whatever.
  6. I say the same when a storyline just looks exactly the same to a recent one. The only difference is that Big E is with AJ and Riley was alone.
  7. Its a normal common storyline ffs, Rookie turns on his leader, Its been used for years and will be used for many more. Its nothing to do with creativity. Alex Vs Miz was done a lot worse than this.
  8. I know it's how it's done, but that's what I call no creativity. I know it has to be that way, but it can be done much better. It always looks the same. It's not that rookies shouldn't turn on their leaders, but they could do it other way. This time they used AJ, but that's a slight change in other cases like this. I think they could do it more different, not only including an slight change. It's just like calling AJ kid all the time, seems boring when you watch it more than four times.
  9. I'm fine with the feud as they were gonna do a split angle eventually and I'm glad they'[re going ahead and getting it out of the way because I have no deep interest in it either way. Ziggler pins Langston at Summerslam and hopefully the feud won't extend beyond that. Have Ziggler get back into it with Del Rio afterwards and capture the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Does anyone think Langston could go baby face after the match as well? I could see AJ slapping him for losing the match and failing to punish Ziggler like the way she wants him to so he pushes her down and walks away to a positive reaction from the crowd. Pushing her down seems pretty weak but hitting The Big Ending on her isn't likely since there's obviously a no no when it comes to violence against women nowadays in WWE. Big E goes on and does whatever and AJ finally walks her own path since she's Diva's Champion and doesn't really need to be at anyone's side anymore.
  10. Calling it no creativity is just plain stupid.
  11. The match... well, Langston and Sandow had one of NXT's best matches semi-recently. If he can do that with a guy like Sandow imagine what he could do with Ziggler.

    Ziggler's part in the feud should be great, the rest is up for debate. If it's another AJ Lee love story it can kiss my ass, but if it's AJ dragging Big E on a string it would be a lot better imo.
  12. Just like I am :true:
  13. I would suspect it will be an AJ gets revenge with E for this which would be really good. I think im the only person on the site that think E is good in ring lol
  14. Nah he's not bad! He's athletic and knows what he's doing in there.
    He's the anti-Ryback.
  15. Storylines in wrestling are bound to be repeated. There's a limit to how much you can do in wrestling (even if you're Vince Russo), so you're always going to watch stuff you've already seen.

    But as far as the topic at hand goes, well, I expect Ziggler to go over and this feud to last until Summerslam only, then DZ can go back to the title picture.
  16. Ziggler will beat big E at summerslam i think, then go back to getting the WHC of Del Rio.
  17. It makes sense. I mean, Dolph just turned face so giving him a feud as a face and giving fans a chance to connect to him as a face before putting the world championship on him is smart. However, I'm a little bit disappointed that WWE kept Big E heel. He is amazingly charming as a face, and as a heel he is just generic.
  18. By Anti Ryback im guessing you mean nearly the same build and stuff as Ryback but Langston is good? haha
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