Big E's Potential

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  1. Face of the company

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  2. Multiple time WWE champ

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  3. Possible WHC

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  4. Midcarder for life

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  5. Will receive a push before sizzling out of the company

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  6. Jobbing to Ziggler at SS will be his peak

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  1. I was lurking the other shitty wrestling forum (because I hate myself, apparently. it is so terrible) and I was laughing at the number of Big E fanboys they have. They legitimately think the dude can be the future of the WWE lol. So how high do you think he can go in his WWE career?
  2. Possible WHC. I think his race holds him back, I think his mannerisms hold him back, but I know Vince's fetish for big guys and Big E is a very athletic big guy. I think he's pretty talented and will do well, but won't reach the holy grail of the WWE Championship, and definitely won't be the face of the company.
  3. It would help if he didn't look so damn goofy. He looks like a retarded baby on steroids.

    edit: "possible WHC" seems like the best choice of the ones I've listed for me as well. I could see him getting a trial run with the B World Title and not making much of an impression on anyone and falling back down to the midcard for good.
  4. His face does look silly, but for some reason it draws me in. He could work a goofy babyface pretty well, and has it in him to work that monster role.
  5. US Title, MITB, Transictional Champ and then Midcarder. Kinda like Swagger
  6. A World Heavyweight Champion most likely. Easy to picture him with the Big Gold Belt wrapped around his waist or resting on his shoulder. Probably just a challenger as far as the WWE Title is concerned. Who knows though, it's always hard to predict careers in wrestling. I could see him being pushed into winning both world titles at some point just because of his size and look, which Vince loves and which certainly doesn't hurt.
  7. He is buff, but he is also like 5'9, which could wind up holding him back compared to other jacked up muscle freaks.
  8. Vince likes him. World Champion is my take.
  9. Said everyone about Drew McIntyre in 2010.

  10. What on earth are you doing at WF lmao. Hesitantly saying potential WHC, he may be one of those Christian-esque guys who just pops up in random SD main events every now and then.

    Can we go ahead and throw the "Vince is gonna push him to the top because of his size!" cliche out the window? Hell, even Vince is poking fun at himself for that now. If you can make the "big monster" character believable that'll get you pushed (Ryback, Henry), but Big E sucks at that.

  11. It's interesting to see what they say even if most members are complete morons.
  12. Yeah, but Drew fucked up after that shit with Taryn.
  13. Not gonna get my hopes up, marks. Jobber at it's finest. Reminds me of Luke Gallows, after the SES storyline he was forgotten

  14. What other jacked up freaks are there, though? Other than Ryback (who has been booked to look like a terrible failure), there's only Roman Reigns as far as new stars go. I'm not familiar with most of the NXT roster but no genetic muscular freaks come to mind who are headed to WWE, not that are the size of Langston anyway. I don't think Langston's height really works against him, he's only just below six feet and it's not like he looks short or something.
  15. The only time he doesn't look short is when he is with AJ. he is shorter than Ziggler lol
  16. He looks just as tall as Ziggler to me. Just look at a video of them standing beside one another. And Ziggler himself is pretty much the same height as Cena.
  17. Maybe world champion, but don't really know or care if I'm honest because WWE may book him as Ryback because he's really powerful and he'll occasionally lose to guys like Ambrose (really deserves a world title reign) or other guys not so powerful
  18. Could you elaborate on that some more? I can't quite grasp at what your point is.

    I think Big E will be a possible world champion. Despite being a big guy his height,and, race really hold him back. At most he'd get a month or two world title reign before dropping it and get relegated back to the mid-carder scene for the rest of his career.

  19. Couldn't disagree more with the race suggestion. If he makes it to the point where he's a top draw Vince will give him the ball to make money. This misconception that race still holds people back in wrestling is ridiculous. Vince tried his hardest to push Lashley to the moon, but the dude was bland as fuck. If the charisma and skill are there he'll get his shot. For right now he still isn't anywhere near the top on the mic.
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  20. Somewhere between mid-card and WHC. He'll never win the big ones but he'll challenge a few times.
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