Big free agent acquisition! EVERYBODY GET EXCITED! TNA signed somebody! WOO!

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, May 30, 2013.

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  1. -Dixie telling us nothing on Twitter, so we're free to speculate about it.

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  2. Krispen Wah STEVIE RICHARDS :yay:
  3. :downer: Hey now, why you gotta be ruining the positivity around here?

    But srsly there's no way this can live up to the hype. It's either somebody irrelevant from the 90s or not a star...

    Well, Krispen Wah was just sighted... :hmm:
  4. Here are my most likely:
    RVD is coming back.
    John Morrison

    Less likely:
    Davey Richards
    Eddie Edwards
    Eddie Kingston
    Michael Elgin

    Once in a lifetime:
    Steen (has no interest in TNA so they would have to bust out BIG money to get him over to TNA)
    Adam Cole.

    Would be so hilarious I would die from laughter:
    Pro wrestling star Virgil.
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  5. I wouldn't put Steen down as once in a lifetime, regardless of whether he watches TNA or has interest in it or not. If it means more money, and more exposure, then why not?

    No idea who this is though, but maybe the "BIG" being capitalised is a clue? Who knows. I'm prepared to be let down by some former-WWE guy though.
  6. Hmm..any plans of that special signee to show up at Slammiversary, wait..theirs no more PPVs after the Wrestler will debut on Impact most likely?

  7. He has said in a couple of interviews that he has no interest in signing with TNA. He seems to be of the mind set that if he is to sign with a major it will be WWE and I can understand if he is of that opinion since he has a right to be. If he is confident that he makes a lot of money on the independents and in ROH and going to TNA wouldn't be a pay increase or at least not a sizable one.
  8. Can you post those videos? I've never seen them personally. Also, how would you know how much he makes? Sure, he probably makes a good living from being independent, but being a top TNA star is bound to pay more. I don't think you know how much Steen gets paid or how much top TNA stars get paid, so I think to question the pay-incentive is a bit weird.
  9. I'm going off of his word in interviews. He has said that he makes good money and can provide a comfortable life for his wife and child. So my guess is he makes at least equal money to an TNA midcarder. Plus he is one of the guys under contract with Sinclair (the company that owns ROH), that's a guaranteed paycheck. I'll PM you the interview where he voices his opinion on TNA.
  10. Why not just post the videos? It will give a chance for those reading this discussion to see them too.

    As for his pay, you're basing he makes the same as a TNA midcarder because Steen himself said he gets good money? Lol come on. :pity:

  11. Here's the vid where he shows his disinterest in TNA. This is from late 2012.
  12. 12 minutes :mog:

    Could you give a xx:xx? Also, is there another one as well?
  13. Inb4Bateman
  14. He talks about TNa for a short bit at around the 3 minute mark. I'll paraphrase what he says "some lucky guys get to go to the WWE, I could say TNA but who wants to go to TNA?".

    Overall it is a pretty interesting interview to watch since he talks about wrestling as an independent guy in comparison to being in a major.

  15. The likely list sounds fricking horrible, Elgin is the best on the second, Goldberg needs to :gtfo: Steen would be dope but won't happen and Cole is possible and would be an interesting twist but they are heel heavy at the moment.

    I'm gonna stalk Wrestling Forum to see Virgil's status, toodles.
  16. I just listened to it all, and what he says was no one dreams to go to TNA. Dreaming as in as a kid or wrestler, your dream would be to make it big in WWE right? He doesn't say he's not interested in TNA, or that he wouldn't want to go there :S. He probably isn't interested in it as he doesn't sound like he is, but this definitely isn't enough evidence to rule him out of going there dude. He simply said no one dreams about going there, because they dream about going to WWE, which is absolutely right.
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  17. Was Adam Cole not rumoured to come to WWE? Or am I completely wrong lol.
  18. I dreamt of going to Japan. Is Masters a freebie?

  19. He had a tryout, no idea what's happened since though.
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