Big Hoss Rambler promoted to Admin.

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  1. Promoted BHR to Admin as I wanted someone to help the daily runnings of WF. Most of you know he is the perfect candidate, I don't really need to tell him much as he already knows most of it. You can now go to him for account issues, award issues, etc etc. He can do pretty much anything I do, but I am still here so you are welcome to PM me too.

    The reason why I needed extra help is because I am working on another project which I don't think needs to be posted now, but of course WF is still my main concern and I will obviously still be here every day posting and doing what I was, but this just takes a load off my shoulders AND keeps things organised instead of certain things being late.


  2. Again, congrats BHR, you really do deserve it for the work you have put into the site.
  3. You can retire now old boy.
  4. Grats Hoss. Does this mean he can handle PPV bets?
  5. Congratulations Big Hoss.
  6. Thanks everyone. :otunga:

    Yes and already made it.
  7. Congrats hoss
  8. Congratulations Big Hoss. You were definitely the perfect candidate for the job, no offence to the other Staff members of course.

    I'm sure you'll do a great job.
  9. Well done lad, much deserved.
  10. Big Hoss>Crayo&Xanth

    Big Hoss 2012
  11. Are you trying to get that ass salad first? :otunga:
  12. Not sure if I agree on his thoughts on child labor.
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  13. Congrats Hoss

    What where you before
  14. He was staff like me. And now he is admin, very much deserved
  15. :obama:

    Will someone else be promoted to "staff"
  16. Most likely yeah.
  17. Congrats Hoss! Sorry for ruining the surprise lol. :okay:
  19. I'm setting up the table, have the ranch and forks and napkins, and even some kool-aid, ready for the ass salad now :smug:
  20. Congrats! :emoji_kissing_heart:*
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