Big Hoss thinks AIDS is the best thing to happen to this forum.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. Rules? :haha:

    Close this thread, i dare you. :yay:

    I will leave this forum when Big Hoss closes it. :jericho: I jeri-promise.

    YOU! Dont post unless you are rainman, stopspot, crayo, dolphs, cloud, seabs, or testify. #teamshowoffisajoke.
  2. Yo.

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  3. Yes I'm allowed to post!

    Thanks Aids!

    My fave Heel!
  4. Team showoff is great, but :bury: AIDS is best evar.

    I might not be shit to you, but my momma thinks i made it.
  5. I'm cornfused
  7. Holla holla playa! I am allowed to post in this beeswax
  8. Slaters going to slate here. Hoss shut down 3+ threads including me this AM, and im hating to show my hate. Hate hate hate hate.
  9. Personally I love Aids as with Dolph's one of the funniest guys on here!
  10. AIDS IS BEST PERSON MEMBER EVER! HE NOT EAR ROTATING AT ALL :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:OPEBOMB: @[AidsJohnson]
  11. OP is gay. :true:
  12. no, just hating for the sake of hating.

    The only gay thing i've done here is asked crayo why he misses xanth. I should have known bitches are going to cry just because.
  13. rambler does go overboard with shutting down threads. He should go on another field trip with NAMBLA so we get another break from him
  14. only closed 2 threads today. one was obvious and another was for problem solved. :downer:

    NAMBLA field trip. :yay:
  15. What... I thought I was the best thing that happened by Big Hoss.....Why Big Hoss Why!?!?!

    :upset: :upset:
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