Big Johnny Explains Why He Returned

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  1. On this week's "Backstage Fallout" for SmackDown, John Laurinaitis explains his motivation for his return. Plus, Kaitlyn explains why she was happy to be Daniel Bryan's tag team partner despite their differences.

  2. WTF!? He's back? Everything was better when he was fired. WWE's gonna suck now.
  3. Lol, like what?
  4. The most entertaining man in all of entertainment
  5. :finger: :no:
  6. His catchphrase used to be "Mr. Excitement", wasn't it?

    Bring him back, dammit!
  7. hope he doesn't speak.. and this guy :otunga: will probably have more tv exposure now laurinaitis is back
  8. :park:

    :no: :why:
  9. :otunga::otunga::otunga::otunga::otunga::otunga:
  10. I've always wanted him to return, they never used him right imo.
    His feud with Cena was pointless and predictable as hell, and his feud with didn't really take the "next step".
  12. :no: :stfu:
  13. :yes: NOW U :stfu: ! WROST GM OF ALL TIME!
  14. Johnny Ace was the best GM of all time.
  15. :gtfo:
  16. I loved his come back LOL.
  17. I love the way he thinks he's more beloved than Michael Jordan in chicago
  18. Laurinatis is Mr. Bean?
  19. :no: U :gtfo: HE SUCK AS A GM!
  20. Johnny was a great GM, he's a natural heat magnet. Remember when he did Punk's entrance?


    The way he trolled the fans in Chi Town was priceless.
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