Other Big loss for TNA, HUGE gain for independent scene?

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  1. With AJ Styles reportedly leaving TNA this month, I'd like to look as it as a POSITIVE aspect. Seeing that this could really help Indies get more exposure. I'd love to see him in ROH take on Adam Cole to escalate Cole's reign to being on the road of becoming legendary. (As I am predicting and wanting it to be.) But on the other hand, I'd also love to see him in Dragon Gate USA and help them gain more exposure. Especially if they were bringing in Hero as well for these upcoming 2014 shows. Plus, I've personally always wanted to see Gargano vs. Styles.. which would pretty much help Gargano in the same way as it would Cole. Would also love to see him work in Japan or just internationally in general.

    I've ALWAYS loved Styles. Was my favorite in TNA since I started watching in 05-06ish. He's no stranger to the indies, and I'd love to see him make a long awaited return to the scene.

    Plus, apparently Styles being an original and parting ways with the company has apparently left a "bad taste" in other TNA workers' mouth. So we may even be seeing an even more decline of TNA as maybe others will leave? Examples: Daniels, Joe, Kazarian, etc. etc.

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  2. He is over in the UK early 2014 for "A Night In With AJ Styles" so he most likely will do some booking over here which is epic.
  3. A night with Styles is getting pushed back a bit due to DDP having the exact same thing booked already in the same venues/areas but booked way earlier. But your point still stands, but it won't be as early.
  4. Would honestly like to hear your imput on all this? :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. Ah that sucks and rocks at the same time, I went to the DDP one earlier this year and it was really good.
  6. vs. Dave Mastiff
    vs. Marty Scurll
    vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
    vs. Big Van Walter
    vs. El Ligero
    vs. Doug Williams again
    vs. JT Dunn
    vs. David Starr
    vs. Biff Busick
    vs. Drew Gulak
    vs. TAJIRI
    vs. Adam Cole
    vs. Ricochet
    vs. Rich Swann
    vs. many others
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