Big name announced for upcoming MSG show

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. According to new advertisements, Brock Lesnar is going to be appearing at a house show on October 3rd at Madison Square Garden. His opponent has yet to be named and it is unknown if it will be shown on the WWE Network. And so far the only matches that have been announced are

    * John Cena vs Seth Rollins

    * Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev

    * Randy Orton vs Sheamus

  2. I'm smelling another network special.
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  3. Sounds good, I could do with a Lesnar match. Cena-Rollins and Ziggler-Rusev sounds decent, Sheamus-Orton I think was good at WWE Battleground but all three matches have/will have been done by October 3rd, I would think so I doubt it will be a Network Special unless they also add some more cool matches to it. Chris Jericho is also scheduled to appear though, that will probably result in another great match.

    Also, I'd kill for a Network Special based in England when Lesnar is champion. Lesnar vs Barrett would be amazing with Neville vs Cena and Paige vs *insert Diva here*.
  4. Those matches already announced seem very intriguing to me. Hope it will be shown on the WWE Network.
  5. So who is Lesnar gonna kill this time? The Miz? The Ascension in a handicap match? The Big Show again (should they decide to book a match this time that lasts more than just a couple of minutes... And as a nice bit of trivia, Madison Square Garden is where Big Show ended Brock's first-ever WWF Title reign in 2002)? Big E looking to get some mini-revenge for how Brock demolished him and the rest of New Day at the Beast From The East show?
  6. I like the idea of maybe Lesnar and Cesaro or Lesnar and Kevin Owens.
  7. I'm working under the assumption that anytime Brock works a house show/live event, it'll more than likely be a quick squash match. I'd really prefer not to see Cesaro or Kevin Owens squashed like a bug, and a feud with Owens should especially be built up to be a big thing over a longer period of time rather than just be thrown away on a house show.
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  8. That is true. I wouldn't like to see both of them squashed by Lesnar either. They would make for a good match up though in the future.
  9. Can't say I'm that looking forward to Dolph vs Rusev since it probably means the stupid storyline will continue.

    Cena vs Rollins was pretty good on Raw so I could go for another match between them.
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  10. Cena and Rollins sure did entertain the fans on Raw. They are both quality wrestlers in the ring and I think another match with them will not disappoint.
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  11. If he was still heel, I'd love to see Dolph get the Lesnar match. Him bumping around would be fun as hell to watch. And imagine him taking an F5. He'd probably do a full 360 before hitting the mat
  12. I could go with Lesnar vs Miz. After all, Miz is a great heel and it's fun to see him get rekt if he's not fighting someone like the Big Show (in which case his heel antics are hilarious AF) and IMO, Miz is a good wrestler who could probably make it work.
  13. At least give him a worthy opponent like Sheamus or someone.
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