News Big name appearing tomorrow *Spoiler*

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 23, 2013.

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  2. Hopefully it's not some shitty interaction with Miz.
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  3. Oh, it will be.
  4. TBH I don't care for some reason, maybe because I already know that they are gonna waste on some ridiculous and pointless segment.
  5. Oh hell yes. He'll drop some elbows like a champ so I won't hate it sadly.
  6. Hopefully he's not going to be there to put over Cena.
  7. Hopefully he's drunk
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  8. Jesus that'd be wonderful, just let him do commentary or something.
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  9. like 2 mins in the ring all red faced WOoing away going from rope to rope, maybe a drop or two. Ruin miztv.
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  10. Hoping for him to turn heel on the Miz. Would make their whole interaction up to this point worth it.
  11. And the fact that NO ONE is into his use of the figure four. If we were really lucky flair would have given it to a better wrestler, and a heel.
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  12. Miz has had some cool transitions into the figure 4,he's just so directionless it feels worthless.
  13. He uses it well. I just wish they would cut it all out, make him be a heel, and have him job to face's. It'll still be a long time before i forget him backing away from kofi's jump outside the ring at them.
  14. Haven't been this excited for a return since the last time Sting returned to TNA. Woo.

  15. Ric Flair low blows him unexpectedly and then tells him to never use his figure four leg lock again.
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  16. Who's a heel who could use Flair? Both mid card titles are sewn up with heels who are set so that seems a bit moot, even the tag titles are. Hmmm.
  17. Actually, Ric Flair would have been a perfect protege for Curtis Axel, considering the history between Flair and Mr. Perfect. Then Paul Heyman could have had someone else as a client.

    Maybe someone new from NXT could come in under Flair's wing.
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  18. Sweeeeet hope it's worth it.
  19. hmmm..........Trying to think of someone who needs a mouthpiece. I'd rather have the double turn.

    Flair fucks over miz, Axel fucks over flair. Same night, book it.
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