Big name at MITB

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  1. Lesnar is interfering to cost Punk the briefcase. Been obvious since he attacked him.
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  2. Suppose it's to build towards Punk/Lesnar at Summerslam, makes sense. Although I could see them just playing Brock's theme during the PPV instead of having him show up, to save an appearance.
  3. lol that's always so corny.


    shouldn't that start a feud between the guy in the sound truck and the person he fucked? It's not like Brock is the guy controlling things at that end ll
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  4. Haha, true. Another one of those things in wrestling that doesn't make a lot of sense, although Mark Henry did take care of that well when he killed the camera guy. I just thought that since they have to save Lesnar as much as they can since they just had to do him vs HHH for some reason that'd be a solution.
  5. Fuck yes I'm gonna be there
  6. isn't rey mysterio returning then
  7. I forgot he was still a thing.
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  8. I don't care if Lesnar appears or not. Maybe Punk faces him for the briefcase he won and loses. If he wins the briefcase. I'd like to watch that match.
  9. Assumed this was another RVD thread. He the best.
  10. I think it's plausible that Lesnar doesn't show at MITB to cost him the match (it saves one of his dates) but rather, Heyman costs him the match.

    Next week on Raw, Punk tells Paul Heyman to send a message to Brock Lesnar to tell him to stay away from MITB because he's prepared for him, knowing he might be there to cost him the match. Then at MITB, Punk looks like he maybe has the match won, but then, the briefcase starts to rise in the air as Punk reaches for it, ala Austin at KOTR '99. The match continues on, and Punk loses. The next night, Punk confronts Heyman in the ring. He tells Heyman he has his suspicions that Lesnar didn't raise that briefcase, he did, because screwing Punk over from the back in the control room just doesn't seem like Lesnar's style. As Punk continues to confront Heyman and maybe even put his hands on him demanding the truth, Lesnar's music hits. Lesnar walks down the ramp and gets on the apron and while Punk is staring him down telling him to get in the ring, Heyman low blows Punk from behind (a trick that's been done before, just look at Flair turning on Batista in May 2005) and that's when the truth becomes clear that Heyman was in on it all along. Lesnar slowly steps through the ropes as Punk is down on his knees and proceeds to destroy Punk, which includes bear hugging him and slamming him into the post on the outside. He drags him back into the ring as a lifeless carcass and then Heyman gets the mic and kneels down and reminds Punk that he has a rotten reputation for telling the truth but that he still fell for one of his lies as well.

    This would make a great Raw ending.
  11. Sounds nice on paper, but it's a clear interference at MITB from Lesnar on punk. No way around it.
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