Spoiler Big Names Added to Final RAW of 2014

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. - WWE announced today that Edge and Christian will be appearing on the final RAW of 2014.

    That event takes place on December 29th at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Randy Orton and others are also advertised.

    @C.M. Bryan
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  2. That's awesome. Damn, I missed E&C!
  4. Edge isn't medically cleared though still right? Regardless Edge and Christian in a segment together will be a personal mark out moment for me.
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  5. You're not the only one :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. I wonder how WWE will fuck up the final RAW of 2014. :hmmm:

    Jokes aside from how shitty RAW is nowadays, Edge and Christian along with the returns of Brawk Lesnurr and Blandy Boreton is gonna be fun. :woohoo:
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  7. It's not really a joke, if you think of it. They're really good at fucking up, it's kinda their thing. :heenan:
    The past three episodes of RAW are a perfect example.

    However... If they do manage to fuck it up, somehow, then they'll do it immensely.

    Here's to hoping they don't, though. With E&C there, and Bork returning on the post-TLC Raw and Orton returning at the very TLC PPV, it should be a good one... Or at least I'm hoping so.
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  8. "Nobody gives a shit about our current product, dust off the AE veterans!"
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  9. Heard some rumors that Rollins will try to cash in on Lesnar. Hopefully he didn't lose.
  10. Yeah, I would absolutely hate it if he couldn't cash in successfully.

    I'm still pulling for Rollins to cash in on the new champ at WM31, though. That'd be fantastic, especially if it's on little Cena 2.0 (Reigns)
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  11. The briefcase is his chance. 2015 will be busy with Roman Reigns, unfortunately. I still think he won't lose his cash in match just because he's the most relevant heel right now (and the only one besides Lesnar who doesn't show up too much).
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  12. They'll probably be used in a segment with midgets because why not.
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  13. Yeah, they'd better not screw him up like that.

    To be honest, if the 'E gets tired of Lesnar, I wouldn't be surprised if Lesnar dropped the title to Cena at the Rumble and then, maybe, they'd let Rollins cash in on Cena. But I also doubt they'd let Cena tie with Flair's record and then have him lose to Rollins a couple of minutes later. We'll see, though...

    Best case scenario... Rollins holds on to the MITB briefcase all the way till Mania, where he cashes in on the new champ.
  14. Yeah, cash in on Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania would be awesome but I don't think that will happen. This would mean Wrestlemania 31 ends with Rollins, instead of Roman Reigns. Impossible, don't you think?
  15. Not entirely impossible. I'd like to stay positive and think that they will let Rollins cash in on Reigns.

    The moment couldn't be more appropriate, because next year's WrestleMania marks the 10th anniversary of the very first MITB match.

    Plus, having WM31's final segment with Rollins walking out as the WWE-WHC, instead of Reigns, would only draw more heat to Rollins and would instantly make him the biggest heel in the business.

    I would love for that to happen.
  16. We can just hope. I'd love too see it happening too, but I don't think that the official trust Rollins this much, even if I wish. We can slowly say right now that the WWE officials want Roman Reigns to shine, unfortunately.
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  17. Neither are you. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Disclaimer: although technically my post makes little sense since you were agreeing with someone else to begin. So technically my post could not be referring to me and actually just be referring to Sharpy Sandow. I could have, instead, used the traditional Sesame Street response of "Me three!" but that would have seemed dorky... well maybe not as dorky as this completely pointless and nonsensical "disclaimer," but hell, I am too lazy to hit the back button and delete it (although I seem to have no issue continuously hitting other buttons).
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  18. After that long discussion in that other thread about the direction WWE will be going into Wrestlemania, when I suggested Orton winning the Rumble to challenge Seth Rollins after he cashes in on Lesnar at the Rumble, I find myself liking this scenario more.

    I don't hate Roman Reigns by any means, but he is not ready for the push that WWE seems to be trying to prepare for him (just my opinion and for anyone who disagrees, arguing with me will not alter that opinion). To me it's similar to when WWF in 1994 gave Kevin Nash the belt... although I think Reigns is definitely more talented than the less than able body Nash has ever been, they gave the belt to Nash long before he was ready for it. Nash, in fact, failed to be interesting at all until he lost the belt. I would prefer Reigns spending a little bit more time being built up....possibly give him an IC title reign (pun not intended) first.

    In regards to whether WWE will actually let Rollins do this, I wouldn't totally dismiss the chances. With Rollins sitting atop heel hill pretty much by himself, especially is Lesnar does not sign a new deal, this might be the best way to establish some strong feuds in the upcoming year. That being said, however, I can only think of one time that a Wrestlemania ended with a heel victorious in the last match, and that was Miz... and since the Rock was involved, the focus was mainly on the Rock's involvement on not Miz.

    Honestly, the more I talk about it, the less likely it definitely seems. But hey, every once in a while they do come up with a surprise.
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  19. I'm not so sure Roman Reigns will ever be any hotter than when he defeats Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31.
    If Rollins did cash in, they could stack the odds against Reigns until Money In The Bank where he finally takes it.
    This scenario would make Rollins a transitional champion because there simply isn't enough to invest in at this point in regards to Roman Reigns.
    If Reigns wins at the championship at Money In The Bank, how long will he hold it? Does Ambrose win the briefcase in 2015 or make him wait until Mania 32?

    The Reigns problem further pollutes the love/hate relationship between WWE and the 'Yes Movement' as well.
    This is a good problem to have. Reigns can fail and have either Dean Ambrose or Daniel Bryan as backup plans.
    If need by Rollins can have his own reign of terror a la Triple H in 2003.
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  20. I love it!!!
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