Royal Rumble Big names for Royal Rumble 2017?

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  1. Undertaker I could see, but Austin? Not likely in my opinion.

  2. we add names of guys we'd like to see in it?

    Just want to make sure what the rules are for the thread...
  3. Share whatever you like. If you would like to see someone (or a few different wrestlers) in particular, don't hesitate to post about it. The only rule we have with threads is keeping them on topic. :becky:
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  4. just for the record I would not expect any of these guys to actually win the event...

    ~ Undertaker
    ~ Kurt Angle
    ~ Samoa Joe
    ~ Shinsuke Nakamura
    ~ Sting
    ~ X-Pac

    And that about covers it...
  5. What about Goldberg?

    I'd personally love to see kurt angle aswell.
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  6. ^Oh yeah...I forgot about the original Ryback...

    Imagine the pop if he drew No.1...
    Send him out first...good luck No.2...

    Perhaps we keep Bork Laser away from him
    for the time being...just thinking long term...
  7. If you want to send the Royal Rumble to the skies, have Finn return at number one and Shinsuke Nakamura enter at two, Samoa Joe at 3. Oh, and Finn wins. Adding Goldberg plus Lesnar to set up that match sounds like a great idea too.
  8. I wouldn't mind seeing guys like HBK or SCSA back for one night, but I also wouldn't lose sleep at night if they didn't show up.

    Just don't bring back Goldberg. And have the Rumble winner get cheered.
  9. Am I the only person who cheered for last year's winner?
    I marked when trips came out in the #30 spot and won it.
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  10. We all did. :hhh2:
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  11. Torrie Wilson pls.
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  12. How long was Benjamin injured for? I'm sure he could get a good pop
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  13. He got the surgery done in early September, I believe. So, he'll be in rehab for another 4-6 months, I think. If he makes it to the Rumble, then great.
  14. They will probably give us a surprise like the Honky Tonk Man.
  15. Well, ever since retiring, Shawn Michaels has been very adamit about staying retired and has repeatedly expressed his wish of not wanting to return to in ring action, even if it were for one last run or a one night deal. Given the location of the Royal Rumble, I'm sure WWE will make another attempt but I'm guessing it's going to take a lot for them to actually make him change his mind.

    Whle one the subject, Solomonster (really good listen this guy, does a podcast every Sunday for those interested) actually pitched a very interesting idea, having Shawn Michaels indeed come out of retirement but not for the Rumble itself. Instead, he proposed HBK returns and challenges AJ Styles in a title match at the Royal Rumble PPV, thus providing a big time marquee match in addition to the Rumble itself that would help sell out the Alamodome. As far as I'm concerned, I would abolutely love to see such a match. Wishful thinking probably but if there is ever a chance, I'd love to see it.

    As for the Rumble, I'm sure we'll have the Kurt Angles, Carlitos and MVP's resurface as part of the rumor mill. If Finn Balor is healthy by then, he'll certainly be in it (and probably a top favorite to win it) but I'll go ahead and pitch another idea.

    I say AJ Styles vs. John Cena for the title, where Cena wins and ties Ric Flairs record. Later on that night and during the Rumble, say #25 the lights go out, the bell tolls, out comes...the Undertaker. He goes on to win and he challenges Cena to a title match at Wrestlemania, thus fullfilling a plan that WWE have been wanting to happen for several years now.

    Now, I know there are several reports out there claiming that Undertaker has supposidly stated that his match with Shane was his last but I personally don't buy it at all. For such a legend, for one of the all time greatest, did that match against Shane feel like the right send off? No, absolutely not. I say Taker has at least one...last ride and the proper way of doing things is facing Cena for the WWE world title at the biggest stage of them all. Undertaker wins, can then come out on Smackdown the following Tuesday and relinquish the title, thank the fans etc etc. THAT is the right way for Taker to step away...
  16. Mohammad Hassan to win the rumble :reigns4:
  17. Source

  18. Steve Blackman or I don't give a shit
  19. If they wanna do it right:
    -Shinsuke Nakmura debuts
    -Finn Balor returns to win the rumble
    -AJ Styles vs. HBK, could even be for the WWE Championship
    -Have really good surprise entrants in the rumble match
    -Let the cruiserweights go OFF in stacked match
    -Kevin Owens defends his Universal title against Sami Zayn
    -Have The Rock show up and wrestle in the rumble
  20. I personally really don't want to see HBK vs AJ Styles. They could definitely have a five star match if HBK doesn't have too much ring rust, so you can call this a selfish reason, but he's like the one guy who lost a retirement match and stayed retired, and it's nice to have that
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