Big O Gets WWE Tryout

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. Ugh. No. I've seen his work outside of Ryder's show. Just no.
  2. Hell yes. Big O for ME push.
  3. Green as Grass <3

    But seriously, he would get pushed harder than Ryder ever fucking was, just because of his physique.....

    Not that I'm a Ryder fan but it just seems ridiculous!
  4. Am I detecting traces of troll in that post??

  5. He makes Mason Ryan look like Kenta.
    But, Ryan is improving down in NXT but Ryan also had a couple of years of experience under his belt before he started improving. Big O hasn't even wrestled for a full calendar year.
  6. Then he can learn in NXT.

    Big O is dope. Dem promos > anything your vanilla midgets do or Mason Ryan

  7. Pretty sure this is gonna clusterfuck. He's campaigning for TNA as well at the same time as this is going on.
  8. That won't make it in any way a clusterfuck, lol. He's a free agent.
  9. Would you sign someone who is also courting your competition? It's not like Big O is a big name on the independents with clout who can play them against each other to see who pays the most.
  10. Lmao dude it means nothing... He is a free agent trying to get a job. It's like a football team saying "No, you cannot sign for us, because you're also trying out for our rival team". It means nothing.
  11. Meh, good look and showed potential to develop mic skills but as a worker he's a shitstain.
  12. Why should he go to another place when he can stay where he is?
  13., just no. Chiapetta has a better shot of making it in to the WWE

  14. [​IMG]?

  15. Sign # 192934 that you might watch too much wrestling: You've seen Big O outside of Zack Ryder's youtube show.
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  16. They should have a Xanth's nipple chia pet
  17. And introducing the opponent, accompanied by Dorothy and the Negotiater, from Paradise City, the Big O!!!
  18. I've never seen him, so not really sure what to think.
  19. When I hear the name, I think of this:

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