Big plans for next weeks RAW (a reason to get excited)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. PWTorch

    I hope this is true. This is so needed. That WWE 13 gameplay trailer was epic and it'd be an awesome story-line if something was done similar to it. Lesnar/HHH is a confirmed Summerslam match pretty much, I wonder what could match it?
  2. Will only watch for that then.
  3. I look forward to this
  4. I look forward to seeing Vince next Tuesday morning and fast forwarding through everything else
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  5. If they fuck this Raw up then I'll feel all hope is lost
  6. Vince is opening the show. It might decide whether I watch the show or not.
  7. If Vince is opening I may go this route. Depends on how many nightmares I have of BBQ sauce covered michael cole between now and then
  8. To be honest the show bring 3 hours gets me more excited. I doubt it's just a random 3 hour show, so Vince's announcement might actually be a good one. Anyone have any predictions?

    Mine so far:

    - Brand split ending
    - Aligns with Ace to create corporate heel stable
    - Fires Ace -.-
    - Nothing happens
  9. Firing Ace seems likely.
  10. So, they tease something big with the "A Revolution Is Coming" videos, then swerve us by making it about a video game... but that swerve was actually part of another swerve to have an actual revolution coming...
  11. :russo:

    Either way, it's something to look forward to. Don't ruin my optimism here.
  12. The big announcement is they are bringing Russo back as the head of creative and as an on screen character
  13. I think I'd mark.
  15. So Brock breaking HHH's arm is just forgotten about? I wish it was true, honestly, I don't want HHH anywhere near Summerslam, but I don't think that's happening mate.
  16. Very excited to see what happens :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. They better not fire Ace.
  18. Will you be marky marking for your Vince?
  19. And yet again, they're fucking with you. #brainwashed
  20. +1 thats what I do. Lol at all the suckers that actually put up with 2 hours of that shit.
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