News Big problem at a TNA Live Event

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    TNA is my favorite company and it sucks seeing them go through all this,hopefully TNA will get their shit together soon.
  2. Man that sucks, at least they got to meet the wrestlers, it must have made up for some of it.
  3. Wow that really sucks.
  4. Is TNA cursed? Man, if it wasn't for bad news there'd be no news at all.
  5. Jesus Christ.
  6. I've read that the wrestlers effected were Gail, Sabin, Briso, Garrett, and Tessmacher. Maybe another, but the first two are the only two that matter. Your TNA world champion not being able to compete at a house show. Incredibly sloppy and embarrassing.
  7. Mark.

  8. how does shit like this slip past these morons? holy shit, at least use spell check.
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  9. Haha,that was my fault. I had to type this since I cannot copy and paste anything using my Xbox.

  10. I see, but still I see dirtsheets all the time with basic grammar and simple spelling mistakes.

    As for the topic at hand, it doesn't seem like a huge deal as long as it was only one show. It affected a very small number of people, most of whom were probably satisfied by getting to go backstage and meet some of the wrestlers.
  11. Read about this story this morning and I just cant believe how bad TNA is getting I think this company needs to close down. Also how can this actually happen that many of the wrestlers dont have their licenses sorted out for wrestling in different states
  12. You should hit up Gohan on whatever mentally challenged dating site I'm sure the both of you frequent
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  13. They don't have to be lonely at
  14. With this problem I think blame lies in part on the wrestlers involved and in part on management. The wrestlers are independent contractors and need to know in what states they need to have permission from the athletic commission to compete. Management in turn should keep track of their talent so they know if all the paperwork is handled.
  15. it's a bummer but id take those matches, and the meet and greet to make up for it for sure. At least they were honest about messing up, and hopefully this helps them fix the problem.
  16. That sucks. At least the crowd got something in return.
  17. I read this happened during the meet and greet. My man, Jeff Hardy, is so smart :please:
  18. Here's a report from the show i found on Wrestlingforum:

  19. Oh TNA. I know its going to bring a wrestling drought of WWE mediocrity, but with stupid stuff like this, I'm hoping more and more they get new management or just fail.
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