Spoiler Big rematch & segment set for RAW in Chicago

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 26, 2014.

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  2. Sounds good. just hope Punk comes back and it's been a ploy all along.
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  3. Vince can bring back all the past wrestler he wants it doesnt change the fact that the Chicago crowd will shit all over that Raw show and chant CM Punk constately. For the first time ever in WWE history that hometown crowd is gonna hijack Raw just you watch
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  4. With a match like that on free TV, I'd forget about CM Punk and try to beat the epic Elimination Chamber crowd. LETS GO SHIELD! LETS GO WYATTS!
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  5. Cant wait for the CM Punk chants at the show. ''Cole do you hear who they're chanting for?'' ''Well sure I do! They're all chanting 'Cena! Cena! Cena!'''
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  6. I can not wait for the rematch of that tag team! I'm so excited!
  7. Gonna be an awesome Raw next week. lol CM Punk.
  8. Jesse Pinkman on RAW? YEAH, BITCH!

  9. Sounds like a great show, can't wait!
  10. I'll bet anyone any amount of money the crowd spends more time chanting for Punk than either team in this match.

    I loathe Chicago.
  11. Chicago loves rooting for their "lovable" losers (ie: Cubs, Cm Punk). Bunch fat losers.
  12. I will put it on mute. I'm not listening to 'CM Punk' for three hours straight.
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  13. I almost hope he shows up just to spare us.

    I'm sure Vince is on the horn like "Yo dog please just the Chicago show and then you can fuck off but really doe come on mayne"
  14. I can't tell if they're being brave or stupid. I hope Trips trolls the shit out of that crowd.
  15. We need a "Packers Suck" chant in there somewhere after Green Bay was so bad this week...

    Maybe Triple H can cut a promo at the start of the show talking about how Bryan will be stuck in a match against Chicago's hero, the guy who's proud to call the Windy City home, who even has a business there in Chicago... David Otunga!

    srsly come back punk
  16. HHH is the only guy in WWE who could handle an angry crowd filled with butt hurt CHicago marks. I hope he cuts a half hour promo.

    He can just come to the ring and read from his biography or something. I would mark.
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  17. :no:
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  18. WWE should look into bringing in Ditka for the show. Chicago fans will forgive them if they see Ditka.
  19. There absolutely needs to be some sort of Breaking Bad/Jesse/bitch chant.
  20. I disagree with your premise.... I mean... lets face it... You keep coming back all you want but it doesn't change the fact we keep booing you... does it? People here call for banning you constantly but you pin your shoulders back and keep your chin up. You're amazing

    For the first time in WWEF history, we have a a forum member like BLFFL... we could hijack this forum, call to ban you but you take it all like a champ.... You're fantastic... I love you BLFFL.... I'm not kidding I want to be just like you someday
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