News Big return on Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Oct 28, 2014.

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  1. The big guy!

    He's back!

    Rejoice and celebrate
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  2. Watching this segment right now.:happy:

    Never thought I'd be happy to see The Big Guy back! I got goosebumps, man.
  3. Oh man I hadn't seen it yet and had to think 'is it worth it' before I looked.

    Totally worth it :happy:
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  4. I actually laughed pretty hard at this while marking out. They butchered his first run like there was no tomorrow, so they just waited a bit and are going to do it again. :lol1:
    And I'm not even complaining, I like Ryback, but it is funny that they did it like this.
  5. I'm hoping Da Big Guy is the one to end Rusev's streak, don't think there's a much better way he can get back into the scene without giving him way too much too fast to work with.. maybe keep a small program going with Bo Dallas to start and then Rusev for TLC.. I hope they do it well with him and keep him far away from Curtis Fagxel.
  6. Fun Fact: This match wasn't even on the Hulu edition. :dafuq:
  7. Screw the stupid Hulu, ain't nobody watchin' that shit :happy:
  8. A reaction when asked by a woman if you want a blowjob :happy:
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Was excited to see him, I do think they should of saved his return for a pay per view though.

    But regardless i am glad he is well and back
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  11. stfu fgt
  12. Meh I don't think his return was big enough for a PPV, but yes indeed good thing he is well and back. I wonder what kind of work they will have him do, hopefully not squashing jobbers the whole time.
  13. Even better. :happy:
  14. I hope he gets a nice little feud with Bo. I loved the big guy's return, but I hope bo doesn't get buried to oblivion as collateral, hope he gets at least one little fluke victory against ryback before getting squashed again
  15. I don't know, if they want to push Ryback as they wanted last time they probably shouldn't have him start losing again. Sure it would be just a fluke but Ryback's credibility has been buried enough.
  16. I'm just a little protective of Bo and don't want him steamrolled after beating mark henry so many times, I hope both of them can get their respective air time without looking weak, no...not hope, I bolieve they will:bodallas:
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