big, scary moster on screen but a real big softy in real life - who fits this description best?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gav back in the championship, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. my top 3 picks
    1 kane
    2 mark henry
    3 big show

    Any other contenders?
  2. Vader if you want to add retired wrestlers. He may have been a legitimate shoot fighter but he was also friendly and very sensitive. He broke into tears once when a guy he had just wrestled lost feeling in the lower half of their body after an accident during the match (though they regained feeling a few minutes later.)
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  3. I've never heard anything about Henry out of ring, and from i've been told Kane is an intelligent man.
  4. I think Mark Henry wins this, Kane does as well.
  5. Kane and Henry both are really nice guys in real life. Kane is very active in the political world. Oh, yea and Big Show for sure. Real nice in his documentary.
  6. 1) Kane
    2) Big Show
    3)Mark Henry
    4) The Undertaker A lot of what I have read about Taker people seem to say he is very nice and laid back.
  7. Hornswoggle
  8. It's gotta be Kane:cole:
  9. Fixed
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  10. Thanks,there really oughta be a J.R "BAH GAWD" emoticon for stuff like that. Crayo
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  11. Mosters are fucking scary, man!
  12. Do you wanna see something really scary ?
  13. Trying to think of a Britanica joke
  14. I think Mark Henry and Kane fit that description well.
  15. Papa shango was an ok dude as well
  17. tensai seems a nice guy
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