Spoiler Big segment planned for tonight's RAW...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. Hell yes. Ambrose and Piper? Fucking hell <333
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  2. So he is going to push some buttons I take it? It shall be a good segment. :obama:
  3. Piper needs money lol. But yeah, should be entertaining. Hopefully thy don't CUT IT from the hulu version. I have yet to actually see Xavier Woods wrestle on RAW or SD. Damn youuuuu Huluuuuuuuuuu!!!
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  4. Why in the world would you watch it on Hulu when they cut so much out?
  5. That is the only bad thing about Hulu. I just watch it on a "free" site on Tuesdays. lol Also... that sig LOL
  6. I gots more, give it time
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  7. Well that was rather misleading but okay. I thought this was going to be about Brock Lesnar attacking old school guys. But yeah, that and Piper's Pit should be good.
  8. Man there is no way they're gonna cut gold like this off of Hulu! They always keep the Shield segments in.

    I'll turn this on tomorrow night JUST because of this report. Thanks, Crayo!
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