News Big Sexy possibly heading to RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Oct 20, 2013.

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  1. Wrestlinginc

    @Dolph'sZiggler u marking bro?
  2. Spoilers bro, you've spoiled his big mark out moment.

    Also meh on Nash especially if it's anything bar a one night deal.
  3. inb4 he calls Bryan a vanilla midget on RAW
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  4. I call a size doesn't matter on a pole match. Nash repping Bryan.
  5. inb4 Nash vs HHH sledgehammer
    Match II
  6. As long as he buries a vanilla midget I'll be happy.
  7. Hoping Nash stands up for all the Vanilla Midgets against the big bad Haitch, throwing all wrestling logic we had previously known out the window.
  8. Nash doing top rope hurricanranas and shit.
  9. In a non-pole match where he doesn't tear his quad?
  10. Oh god not again. :harvey:
  11. I like Nash, so I'll mark for a one night appearance.
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  12. No, please no!
  13. I had hard nipples for him when I was younger. Now, I think he's kinda funny.....

    Will smile, but, not sure for how long.
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  14. Oh for fuck sake
  15. I'll wait to judge I suppose
  16. And I might puke if it goes for more than one night.

    Nash is no Goldust.

  17. Can he not just watch in the crowd? Don't want any Nash appearance.
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  18. Fuck yeah dude..

    Nash on RAW = 10/10
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  19. LOL dude that would be great. So many nerds (I'M LOOKING AT THE MAJORITY OF YOU, WWEFORUMS) would LOSE THEIR SHIT. Nash is a prince.
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  20. awwwwwww :sad:
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