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  1. Due to the clip in @[Thewindyfan]'s sig making us all curious, here's the Big Show's Wrestlemania Record:

    15: Was DQ'ed against Mankind
    16: Lost a Fatal 4-Way match for the WWF Championship to Triple H
    17: Lost a Triple Threat match to Kane
    19: Lost to Taker (tagged with A-Train
    20: Lost the U.S. Championship to Cena
    21: Lost a Sumo Match to Akebono
    22: Retained the World Tag Team Championships (with Kane) over Carlito and Chris Masters
    24: Got knocked out by Floyd Mayweather
    25: Lost to Cena in a Triple Threat World Heavyweight Championship match
    26: Defeated R-Truth and Morrison to retain the tag belts. (with Miz)
    27: Defeated the Corre as part of the 8-man tag match

    So he is, indeed, winless in singles competition. Will the streak continue?
  2. I hope so. Rhodes & Barrett annihilated him on the mic on SmackDown lmao.
  3. I hope he not fending with Cody! I want Cody to fend with Golddust for IC! Big Show be put in the MITB match it really ownly I think he could be use for this year!
  4. Big Show being in MITB is a big waste, he can't do nearly the amount of things as let's say Tyson Kidd could for example. MITB is always a really good match, Show would ruin it completely.
  5. A feud between Show and Rhodes seems to be brewing leading to amatch most likely at WM, in which case it seems logical (though not desirable on my part) that Show will beat Rhodes, considering Rhodes has been mocking his Wrestlemania loss record.
  6. I think that big show should just stick to mid-card and mid-card like rivalries. Just not getting involved with the top championship belts and big storyline as it just ruins him and makes him look like a joke. When in fact he is a legend love it or hate it and should be used in the wwe respectfully not stupidly
    (knocking over AJ lee)
  7. Big Show doesn't belong in Wrestlemania.
  8. the guy should stick to mid card and him competing at 'Mania is ceratinly not that. It would just wreck it for the 'new' guys
  9. If you are going to have him at 'Mania, you may as well stick him in MITB. He can be a good part of the story.

    But I agree with all of you. You can find big men who can work, why does WWE get all the ones who can't?
  10. Nooo, what's the obsession with MITB? Do you not realise how good the MITB matches have been at WM? I'll pass on watching Show walk around throwing people with two fingers really slowly. I'd rather see the moonsault off the ladder into someone through the table.
  11. Would kill to see Show do a moonsault off a ladder through a table.
  12. So do we. But it's the lesser of two evils. Big Show playing a role in an MITB match? Or an actual Big Show match?

  13. So u r watching it just to see people do stunts like moonsaults from ladder?
    Why not just go watch mexican wrestling then? People that are all about stunts like Tyson kidd are called Crueserweight wrestler, and arent good enough for MITB

  14. So you want high fliers out of a ladder match, why? Plus you sound really ignorant about Lucha Libre there, they work on their ground game long before they use the dives.
  15. :facepalm:
    Go watch a Tyson Kidd match. The only person they really have who's a stuntman is Gabriel (assuming Bourne gets released) but he can also do plenty of stuff in the middle of the ring. Rey Mysterio is arguably the best pure worker WWE has right now (inb4igetflamed) and he's a cruiserweight, so... your point?

    Have you watched MITB? That's what the match is all about! Highspots, and plenty of them.

    Crayo, they aren't going to use any of the guys on Superstars. They just aren't, even though most of them are more entertaining than the guys on the regular roster (probably because Creative hasn't ruined them). They were almost forced to push one when Orton was injured, but they did something stupid instead with Santino. We know Big Show will be on the Wrestlemania card and Tyson Kidd won't, so it's better to have Big Show get ganged up on by the entire field several times instead facing Rhodes one-on-one.

    Someone explain why you wouldn't push Ezekiel Jackson over Show or Khali. "We want to push someone who looks like a house, and we have 4 people, these three and Mason Ryan. None of these guys can talk, nobody has any charisma, they all look intimidating, but one of them can actually move in the ring. So lets push 2 of the ones who can't"
  16. Honestly I'd rather see him face Rhodes, that's more likely to end up being a dark match. Big men in MITB matches are completely pointless, you know what it's like watching a Big Show match - he just dominates the match really slowly.

    And no JeebaK, a MITB match (ladder match) is built for high fliers. Why have these guys on the roster if they're going to be replaced by old fat giants who can't move, can't make anyone look good and get no reactions?

  17. Big show gets more reaction as a heel than Tyson kidd gets as a face.
  18. They both get nothing, that's like dividing zero. Tyson Kidd doesn't get TV time, Big Show gets too much.

    Who would I rather see wrestle between two characters who get no reaction? Kidd.

  19. I can hear quite good reactions when big show makes an appearence. Hearing miz's rants about his awesomeness must have made u deaf. Or maybe u r gonna post a youtube video to proove me wrong?

    Mysterio is arguebly the best pure worker in WWE? I would love to see that survey. Link me up to it please. As far as im concerned mysterio is just another high flyer who knows how to take his matches longer.
    Kofi Kingston, Evan bourne, sin cara are all high fliers.

    Simply because Ezkiel jackson doesnt have the X factor that big show have. Big show has been around for ages now, and for good reason. And certainly not jobbing like Mark Henry, he has been around the upper mid card and the main event almost all throughout his career. That doesnt just happen.
  20. I could post every SmackDown and RAW to prove you wrong. But on this netbook I don't care enough about your trolling.

    Kidd > Big Show
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