Big Show being WWE champion.

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  1. Now i know the title of this thread is enough to make you purposely ingest a dangerous amount of ipecac until you're crawling around the floor in agonizing pain barfing your guts out. cue family guy clip.
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    but he is actually in the triple threat match at summerslam for the WWE championship which means there is a chance he could win it. What would your reaction be if he actually did win it? Sadly this time there isn't anyone with a WWE MITB briefcase to take it from him moments after he wins it like with the WHC, so would you be looking forward to big shows reign as the champ?

    Rate your anticipation from 1/10 and leave any other thoughts you have.
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  2. No. I think he's past his prime, slow, boring, and shouldn't be anywhere near the main event. If he still wants to wrestle, he should just put other guys over instead of bury half the roster and win main event titles. If he actually wins it, it'd be very stupid and I'd be pretty mad (although looking at the hate in the Internet besides mine would be nice), plus I'm sure his reign wouldn't be good at all. It would make 0 sense for him to walk away with the title. I'm sure they won't have him win.
  3. Definitely. Hopefully he will just be there for the same reason they put kane into the triple threat match before, which is to be the person who gets pinned.
  4. Doubt he'll win it. Maybe he'll get injured and won't come back for a few weeks which will have CM Punk and John Cena feuding by themselves for a while. And I think that he may be the one to get pinned, that way whichever of the other two loses they'll say they didn't get pinned and want another rematch or something.

  6. :obama:
  7. Indeed, being there to be pinned seems like a good idea.
  8. No way this is happening. It's either Punk or Cena.

    I'd probably have the same reaction like in that Family Guy video and I hope Show would lose that belt the next night.
  9. If he had never been heavyweight champion, I'd be okay with him winning it on the sense that he deserved at least one short reign, but as mentioned, he's past his prime and it would be shitty to take it away from more capable men at this point.

    Also, nice Workaholics pic. You gotta be fresh.
  10. As mentioned, he's just there to take the pinfall (possibly by both Cena and Punk simultaneously) so they can save the Punk-Cena rematch for NOC. Show winning it would make zero sense and be a majorly disappointing way to end Punk's long title reign.
  11. those scientists better check their hypontanooses dude
  12. He won't get it, but IF he did, I would probably boycott RAW the next week.
  13. I'd almost like to see it at this point. WWE gets a chubby when thinking about Big Show and can't help themselves but book the guy way stronger than he needs to be booked, he'd be a really strong heel champion. That would be wonderful.

    But they'd just waste the rub (and Punk's) so :finger: that.
  14. Punk to get a sneaky dirty win I think.
  15. I have a feeling this is right, probably off of an AA or something by Cena, after Punk knocks him out of the ring or something, meaning Punk "stole" Cena's title victory (just thinking about Lawler's reaction makes me cringe).

    This also gives us the Punk-Cena feud that's been rumored, making them the main event at Night of Champions in Boston (where I'm guessing Cena becomes WWE Champ again).

    Big Show's basically in the match, as mentioned before, just to be the guy who gets pinned.

  16. I hope not, Punk is a more capable champion then Big Slow, and certainly not Cena, hell no, he has won it 10 times already, it's time for new main event talent, baby:win:
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