Big Show discussion thread.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 28, 2012.

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  1. Discuss his current push. Love it? Hate it? Post it here.
  2. Not much to discuss, it's not good and should be given to a better superstar.
  3. He's only being built up to be fed to Cena. It's beyond retarded, -3/10
  4. [​IMG]


    It's like the more we bash Big Show, the more he gets pushed...

    You know what? Big Show deserved this! He's very talented and is a clear draw in the main event! GO BIG SHOW! He's such a good worker and just entralling on the mic! He's so much better than those scrubs Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes, and those talentless hacks stuck on NXT. Go Big Show!
  5. idk it could be good, Big Show as monster heel was always decent. That promo he cut about being a destructive giant kind of reminds of Big Show circa 03 and he was good back then
  6. This Big Show. :tough:

  7. As mentioned, he's just being fed to Cena. They need someone for Cena to feud with and I guess they can't think of anything better than Big Show turning heel for the 27th time. He's boring now and I'd much rather see Cena feud with someone else.
  8. Miz should be feuding with Cena.
  9. Hopefully this is just filler until we get a big payoff from this whole chain of idiocy. Rock made Cena an underdog in his match with Brock, which was only used to set up a match with Ace (#wwelogic) which just set up this shit fest. This has to be leading somewhere, right?

    It's MITB time after this... guess this mess will lead into the Big Summer Storyline.
  10. i see Ziggler winning MITB. After Raw tonight, it looks like he will be disowning Swagger and hopefully kick Vicky to the curb with him. I hope WWE finally lets him become the big breakout star he deserves to be
  11. The big summer story-line is the unannounced Lesnar vs HHH feud. To be a big summer story-line you need to be the main event. The biggest thing. Every superstar kayfabe wise needs to care. CM Punk's shoot last year for example. Nexus the year before that. Is HHH really going to be a sub-main event? No. He is the summer storyline this year.
  12. Chances are there's something big on the line on that match to make it look meaningful, at least.

    But damn, you keep crushing my dreams, Crayo.
  13. I'm sorry but really don't expect something like the previous summers. Maybe a sub-storyline but how many times recently has WWE cared about any other story-line than their main event?
  14. I like it, Big Show deserves it, rather see him as heel than face
  15. He's turned heel so many times before. I'm not sure why he deserves it. I think this push being given to Henry would = ratings. Plus, Henry is a much better monster heel.
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  17. I like it b/c I am a fans of Big SHow it about time you man up crayo and give Big Show RESPECT HE SO RIGHTFUL DESAVE!

  18. Kane-a-nite, your signature hurts my eyes. :upset:
  19. thats weird, it made my dick hard. It guess the side effects are different for different people
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