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The arrival of a readily available alternative like All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite, combined with an unpopular creative direction for the Bray Wyatt/Seth Rollins Hell in a Cell match earlier this month has re-ignited the debate about how fans should consume and interact with pro wrestling product. Specifically, we’re back to WWE Superstars talking about how people who watch WWE shows should respond to them when they don’t like what they’re being offered.

Approached by TMZ recently, future WWE Hall of Famer Big Show tackled the issue.

Show was being asked about the Cain Velasquez/Brock Lesnar program that started on SmackDown’s Fox premiere and will give us a WWE title match at Crown Jewel on Oct. 31. The interviewer commented that “a lot of fans feel like” it’s too soon for Velasquez to be challenging for a championship.

The star of Netflix’s upcoming The Big Show Show offered his take on fans’ feelings:

“You’re never gonna make everyone happy. Some people say, ‘you’re rushing too much,’ or ‘you’re taking too long.’ Everybody’s gonna have an opinion. My advice is to sit back, watch the show, and enjoy it. Quit trying to direct it.”
He’s kind of right. Everyone is going to have an opinion, and you never are going to make everyone happy. But if a lot of your paying customers aren’t happy, that’s an issue. And telling the most engaged among them, the ones who care enough to criticize and not just stop watching, to “sit back and enjoy it” is a good way to get more of them to stop watching.

Of course, it’s not Show’s job address customer complaints. There are fans who will complain about everything, and that’s got to be annoying - especially for talent who ultimately don’t have much control over the stuff that gets the most complaints.

Additionally, this isn’t an interview Show prepped for, so I don’t want to blast him for indulging TMZ on the fly. He very well might say something else in a different setting.

But ultimately, most of us don’t want to direct the show. We just want to enjoy it. When we don’t, we complain sometimes.

Being told our time and money don’t buy us that right doesn’t really help.

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