Big Show is a badass

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Oct 15, 2013.

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  1. When he isn't being forced to cry by creative he is fucking awesome in this role. He has a ton of momentum right now, and I marked my tits off for him fucking the Shield up the ass last night. If WWE finds a way to give someone a rub that isn't HHH with Show's current run I will be impressed.

    That said I suspect HHH will bury him, maybe at Mania, maybe sooner.

    Imagine a scenario where Cesaro becomes known for defeating giants and so HHH turns to him to take out Big Show. It would be a great feud with HHH (who doesn't have to wrestle), Zeb, Show and Cesaro and it could end with Cesaro pulling off amazing feats of strength to beat Big Show, thus getting over as FUCK in the process.
  2. I agree. I normally hate on Show but I marked when he interfered last night (mainly due to the fact that Rhodes and Goldie won the belts but still). What annoyed me about this is that we had to withstand Show crying all the time and stuff, but it seems like that part is done. Now the only thing I dislike about this current thing is that it seems like HHH will be the only one will be getting a rub from this, if they got someone else to take Show down it'd be great.
  3. Cesaro/Show would be interesting indeed. Pulls him away from the abyss that is the WWE midcard.
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  4. I agree with you, Show is a monster. He is a pretty legitimate force. I didn't like him crying, but it was cool to see him demolish the shield single handily after that. Always liked Show, one of my favs.
  5. I agree that Big Show is a badass at the moment. But, I just can't stand him doing YES! chants. Feeding off D-Bry is not the way to go. And, I don't think that he'll be buried in a million years. He'll have momentum until he retires.
  6. I couldn't disagree more. To each his own.
  7. Agreed. I just don't see him as this intimidating monster who will knock anyone out and everyone fears him. If they wanted someone for that role then Mark Henry was the obvious choice.
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  8. Also, I know I'm meant to look past it as a fan, I just can't ignore the outrageous sudden changes with his booking. One minute he is someone who gets destroyed by The Shield, the next he is a crying baby, the next he's a heel, then he's face again, and now he can destroy The Shield single handedly. That, mixed with his lack of charisma and extreme talent to be able to bore me without doing much at all, is just unbearable television. I hate that he's involved in this story remotely.
  9. It's because Hunter's nose is blocking his vision of the creative team.
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  10. Big Show has gobs of charisma Crayslow
  11. I would love a Cesaro/Show feud, imagine if Cesaro does the swing on the Big Show, that shit would be epic
  12. Yeah... and he's a great actor too!
  13. I'm so gonna report you to Crayo.
  14. Yes, It`s so realistic when he cries
  15. Better than you fucker
  16. I'll have you know that I once played a really good sheep in a school play. My one line - delivered absolutely wonderfully I might add - was "What ever shall we do?"; it's safe to say the audience had no idea what we were going to do, and were shocked to the core.
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  17. He`s better than you too...
  18. don't people fuck sheep in Cornwall? the audience was probably quite aroused
  19. Don't you dare shift a 100% Welsh stereotype on to Cornwall. We have enough to deal with!
  20. my bad. all you Englishmen are the same to me
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