Big Show K.O. Punch. Real or Fake?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Reapaholic, Apr 30, 2013.

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  1. Real

  2. Fake

  3. Sometimes Real but mostly fake.

  1. I want to get everyone's opinion on this. Is Big Show's K.O. punch real or fake?
    It's wrestling. Obviously it's fake. Or is it... Typically when your hear punches or kicks you can see the superstar slap their leg, their chest, or their other hand. One time I saw Big Show hit Ricardo Rodrigez and I could see Big SHow slap his chest. Obviously it was fake. But what about when Big Show does this punch on potentially toughe individuals, for example Shaemus. If you watch the Big Show vs. Sheamus match from Smackdown this week, Big Show delivers a K.O. punch to Sheamus while Sheamus is on the top rope. I watched this footage over and over again. Big Show does not slap his own leg, he does not slap his other hand, and he doesn't slap his chest. The slow motion replay video shows Big Show's closed fist connecting with the side of Sheamus's face. One possibility for the loud "punch" noise I thought might be Big Show snapping his fingers before he hits Sheamus. He definitely does not snap his fingers. I am puzzled. Does Sheamus just let Big SHow hit him that hard?
  2. Sheamus can also slap himself, hiding it behind his own body as well as Show's from that angle.

    If Show connects with his fist in a wrestling match he is 99% holding it in. If he did hit you straight on you'd probably die but he's pulling his punches in the ring.
  3. I think it's real that if you kick with a high intensity in the place Show does he gets Knocked Out, I don't really believe he hits it that strong when he fights...
  4. Makes sense. But Shaemus was holding himself on the top rope. No possible way he could slap himself. If you go to the main page and watch the latest Smackdown pt 2 it's the first or second match. The only thing I can think of is Big show snapping his fingers in the other hand but I can't tell.
  5. Not sure if I'm actually reading this thread or dreaming. Of course it's fake.
  6. Angles can be deceiving. Don't forget that there are also time keepers, referees and ring announcers that can simulate the sound. Also if it was on Smackdown the sound can be added in post production since it is taped and Smackdown is heavily edited anyway.
  7. Good point.
  8. It's real, it's damn real

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  9. Definitely fake.
  10. It's fake. If it was real, every wrestler would be in the hospital right now. On a side note; Love your signature :yay:
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. One of the dumbest finishers IMO. I mean , why don't big show use it when the matches starts? Does it need to load like on video games or what?
  13. He punches open hand and the camera shifts a bit every time he does to make it look more forceful. It's a punch, but it's not full force at all
  14. It's all in the fist pump. Really, pump your fist then punch a wall with full force .
  15. I think the WWE has a secret witchcraft order that revives people and uses dark techniques to complete the ritual needed. Big show throws the punch, and they rise, immortal for eternity.

    Seriously are you serious bro? :pity:
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