Big Show n' Rey

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by HIGH FLYER, Dec 16, 2013.

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  1. So.. what do you guys make of this unlikely new alliance between The Big Show and Rey Mysterio?? Do you think it's going anywhere or is it just more filler material?
  2. Just filler because they likely don't know what to do with either guy in singles competition at the moment so why not throw them together and add another good tag team to an already strong division. I do like the big man/little man dynamic, although it's a pretty funny pairing considering this once happened:

    (It was Backlash 2003 btw, not 2002. WWE got their own facts wrong.)
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  3. I'm pretty sure they've tagged a few times before? I might be wrong though.

    They look good but I think it's just filler with WWE not having a clue what to do with either of them in single comps atm. The more tag teams the merrier I say, the tag division is getting pretty sweet!
  4. BRUTAL!! I like !!
  5. So Big Show's feud with the authority just came n went, huh? did it even come to a conclusion, or are we pretending it never even happened like Krispen Wah??
  6. Well his Survivor Series match was absolutely awful to be fair. I've never seen fans crap all over a main event for a big PPV like that before, so I'd say sweep that shit under the rug and move on... Should of been Byran in that main event...

  7. It almost seems like it's been a long time since he was crying every Monday, but it was really just a few weeks ago.. I wonder if he or Mysterio will ever be relevant again, or they'll just keep filling the card til their retirement, which I assume isn't too far from now
  8. It was all supposed to lead to a Show/HHH match, supposedly at TLC. But the crowd reaction for the Show/Orton match killed it, as did the decision to unify the championships at TLC (if your main event is centered around unifying the world championships, it makes since that you'd want that as your only headline match so as to give it more importance... HHH stepping back into the ring for the first time in months would take some of the attention from that.)
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  9. It pisses me off honestly. Rey, go home. Big Show, why are you just smiling and tag teaming with Rey after how your angle with the authority was last seen? Makes no sense.

    And why the fuck is this the #1 contending team? Over the Real Americans? Usos? PTPs? fuck this team getting pushed they don't deserve it.
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  10. I'm with D'Z, fuck this pairing. Give the real tag teams some shine.
  11. Holy shit his head hit the floor pretty good there at the end, lol.

    Also, the ONLY good thing about this team IMO is the fact that Rey could essentially do top rope moves off Big Show from anywhere in the ring. Not really that much of an advantage, but it looks cool from time to time. I say Big Show should just reverse Alabama slam (or flapajack, powerbomb, something) Rey onto opponents for their finisher so all Rey has to do is lie there while the ref counts 3.
  12. Still think Nash throwing mysterio into a trailer in WCW was awesome
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  13. Rey Mysterio: Dedicated bump taker
  14. Shit team, should fuck off.
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  15. Least it stops Big Show crying and being in a shitty singles match. I'd rather this than Big Show anywhere near the ME.
  16. I thought he played his role well but lets face it after that ME flopped so hard with he vs Orton there was basically nothing to do with Show but just write him off of TV for a while. That was the worst ME feud flop I can remember in 2013

    Ryback's ME feud went over 100 X better ffs
  17. An look where Ryback is now as that ME push is pretty much accepted as being poor booking, matches and being one of the least great moments of the year.
  18. Exactly, so what does that say about where Show should be now? A flop that bad you can't just gloss over. He needed a break from TV to let people forget how much they hated that ME match
  19. There's some sort of sick comedy in WWE pairing up two old timers who are both working through knee issues as a tag team. I just need to find it.
  20. True! My original post is just me happy he's gone from the ME.
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