Big Show Not Happy With Creative

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Dec 4, 2017.

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    So Big Show had a few things to say...

    He was on Jericho's talk show and was speaking out against WWE Creative. He was speaking about the longevity of booking. He has been around for sometime and has seen it go from being 4 months in advance booking to a week by week basis. He spoke a bit on how backstage, WWE just lacks any kind of direction in terms of where they want to go with story lines these days because there are far too many writers, they lose sight of where a story should be going.

    I have to agree with him man. They have nothing going for the way they do things backstage and it shows in the actual programming. Half the time I don't even know what is going on anymore. One week you have a feud building between two guys and the next, it is like it never even happened.

    And I agree so much with needing the stories to be better to get people emotionally invested. That is the main reason I hardly watch anything live anymore and just watch recaps. There has not been a solid angle or story since KO and Jericho that I was invested in and that is pretty damn sad.

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  2. Honestly I have hardly watched much since mania 33. It's just started to get weird. I try to catch the odd segment when I can, and ppv, But I'm just not as invested as I was.

    Like show said, it's about the story telling in this business. It's kind of funny because I said that exact thing just last night to a co-worker. They can do all the athletic moves in the world. But without compelling storylines I'm not digging it.
    And they've evolved it to the point (Not just recently but for quite sometime now) where they feel every match has to go on for 20+ minutes. No. It's not for me. Save the long drawn out matches for ppv.

    I've said it a million times and I'll say it again:

    Lose the 3rd damn hour!
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  3. A 5 star match will NEVER be a 5 star match without a solid story line that makes the fans feel invested. That is proof enough. I don't get why they are focusing so much on in ring ability. They have never had this much talent under their name, it is like historical for them and yet they waste it by not using the ones who can tell a story to actually TELL A STORY!

    I am very excited for Broken Woken Matt and if they do this right, it could make me get invested again...
    but if they do it wrong, they may just kill WWE to me for good.
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  4. Yeah that's the hard part too, I want to like wwe. I wish I could latch back onto it.... I wish they could just make it "feel real" again. Even when I watch old content it has that real, authentic feel to it. Even though it was just as scripted as it is now, the performers felt real. The moves looked far less choreographed. Their mic skills were A+ across the board.

    It's just a totally different business now I suppose. And I try to enjoy it when I can... But it gets increasingly harder.
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  5. Same sh!t I complain about every f**king week!! WWE have become complacent for the last 3 years and it continues to show, it's pathetic. Anyways, thanks for this thread, I now have a new interview to listen to.
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  6. The best in ring workers are the ones that can tell a story and understand psychology in a match. WWE has wrestlers than can tell a story and do all the athletic stuff. Those wrestlers are simply not getting the right storylines and opponents most of the time.
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  7. Risking the danger of dating myself yet again, I remember when a feud would last the better part of a year if not longer. And for the most part it was done very well. Feuds would overlap, there were be build up to a match.

    Look at one of the better examples, Bret Hart vs Owen Hart. It began on Superstars with, I think, Reverend Slick calling him that.. it may not have been Slick but the voice in my head sounds like Slick. But it built up for a few months until Owen's eventual turn at the Royal Rumble, played into Owen's victory at WrestleMania and then changed into a title feud when Bret won the WWE title in the same PPV. Hell, it didn't stop there as Owen directly caused Bret to lose the belt at the Survivor Series and attacked Bret Hart during his match with Kevin Nash at the Royal Rumble. It was a solid feud that used good story telling over a LONG period of time. By inserting other wrestlers like Nash and Bob Backlund and Jim Neidhart, they were able to continue to advance the feud without making Owen and Bret only wrestle each other.

    You don't really get that anymore. If a feud is long, it will just match after of the two wrestlers in the feud until you just can't stand watching it anymore.
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  8. Wow...can we go back to that style of booking?

    The fact is the WWE have become complacent & lazy and with
    no real competition...they have no real reason to care.

    I myself would like to see some long term, slow burn story lines
    which give the WWE performers a chance to grow & change as
    characters...but the WWE is more interested in booking "moments"
    week to week instead of building towards those moments and making
    them actually count for something.

    Its a real shame a lot of fans are saying "make less television" instead
    of the WWE making their television programs interesting enough so that
    the fans aren't saying...

    "Make RAW 2 hours!"

    but instead are saying...

    "Make SmackDown 3 hours!"

    With all the time, money & resources the WWE would think their
    programming would be written/booked to a higher standard.
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    It’s hard to have long term feuds and story lines that build up to an epic showdown when you have 10 hours of airtime to fill every week.

    Back in the day you had week after week of promos and confrontations, but no wrestling between the two.

    Maybe a squash match against a jabroni to increase the hype but the showdown came at the end of a long feud.

    We are getting what was considered PPV worthy wrestling 15 years ago every single night, week after week.

    It’s hard to constantly keep one upping that.

  10. And that's pretty much the problem. They have so much time to fill every week so they do alot of boring promos and super long "exciting" matches all the time. Make it more than that. Less is better sometimes.
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  11. WWE is just complacent. It doesn't need to lose the 3rd hour, it just needs to do better storytelling. It just needs to get more competitive. There's a lot of competition, and Vince doesn't even realize it. And when he does realize it, it will be too late for fixing it. Someone else will just swoop in and beat WWE at their own game.
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  12. I think at this point, they need this to happen. It would force them to take risks again and think outside the box.
  13. Which company could seriously compete though? Is there any company that has the fanbase and resources to go head to head?

    WWE is a global beast. With very deep pockets at this point. I'd love for someone to be able to give them a run for their money but there's not. It's such a household name at this point.

    I hope someone tries though. Because with HHH in charge things could get very interesting if they're backed into a corner.
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  14. At the moment, no, there's not. However, there wasn't supposed to be anyone who could do it when WCW tried and succeeded for a short while. They, of course, had an advantage that no one has right now: money. After WWE, New Japan is the next biggest and their revenue is about five percent of WWE's.

    New Japan has the best chance. If they can establish the American presence, they have a chance. They have the advantage of Japanese culture still being in over here. However, it's not something that would happen overnight. And they'll likely never overtake WWE. At most, they can be a viable competitor and even that is a long way off.
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  15. Vince should step down and let HHH TakeOver. :hhh2: That would be best for business.

    Just look how great NXT is, I'm sure he would do the same with the main roster.
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  16. yikes. doubt it.
    NXT has it's own problems and until they figure out how to like fix that, I don't think HHH should be in charge. Like for me one of the main issues about nXt is that isn't really worth watching. You can just watch a TakeOver and go on bout your day.
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  17. I couldn't say it better myself

  18. Well that's about the same as raw or smackdown. You could probably just watch the ppv and go on about your day. Except you can almost always guess who is going to win those matches ahead of time lol
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  19. For the most part, yeah and we all know this as the truth. It's just terrible at this point.
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  20. Typically, PPV or Supercards ARE the problem when it comes to why the weekly shows aren't that great. The promotions become reliant on those cards and often this leads to less happening on the weekly shows because they don't want to give away the better matches or story advances on regular TV.

    This was EXACTLY why WCW overtook WWF in the 1990s. They made the weekly show, Nitro, something more than just an advertisement for a PPV. In fact, Nitro was more of the main show than the PPVs were. However, doing this also led to the product becoming stale because they couldn't keep up the pace of making each weekly show interesting without being repetitive.

    That's what I like about the indie promotions I watch. Their weekly show is all they have for the most part, so they're able to stay more consistent. Or NJPW, which doesn't have a weekly show.
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