News Big Show officially retires

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by MildlyUpsetGerbil, Mar 4, 2018.

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  1. Big Show said he planned on retiring in February of 2018 last year. He wasn't pulling our leg. He's done. From the article:

    “No last matches, no fanfare, just ride off into the sunset and disappear," he told

    “That’s more my style. I’ll find something else to do that is inspiring - and let these new kids take the business and the reigns and let them build the future.

    “I wish them all luck. Everything changes. We’ve got a great group of talent that deserves the spotlight.”
  2. Thank you Big Show *Clap clap clap-clap-clap*
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  3. I love his humility and wanting to let them take the reigns, but why not have one more match? Let him fight Braun one more time and let Braun put him out for good. It could be a career ending match and big show could have a heart felt goodbye. Would be nice.
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  4. Wait... WHAT?! NOOO
  5. He wants other guys to have the spotlight. I wouldn't be surprised if he also didn't trust WWE to book his final storyline well.
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  6. I wouldn't take this as a serious retirement. His full time contract expired but he'll probably stick around for a few appearances. I'm not saying that would be soon but whether it's gonna be as a surprise one off or for a feud WWE would like him to be involved in, I don't see him keeping this retirement as locked down as someone like HBK did. And especially with him not having to step away because of health issues, it makes the whole thing a bit more flexible.

    Anyways, not a tragic loss in my book. I respect everything he's done for the business but I was personally never really into Big Show all that much. Glad he made a great living tho, always nice to see someone make it out of this business well and wealthy
  7. I know he doe, but he’s not stealing anything by going out on his back against Braun. He’s only helping. I think it’s mainly WWE will fuck it up.
  8. He had a good final match I liked it. Traditional as well and he looked great in the ring, reminded me of him when he used to do dropkicks etc in WCW. Until recently I saw more of him in WCW.
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