Big Show Possibly Injured

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Big Show

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  2. Dolph Ziggler

  3. Not Luke or Braun

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  4. The Miz

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  1. Add another to the list. :sad1:

    “Dolph Ziggler and Big Show teamed up against Luke Harper and Braun Strowman w/Rowan at ringside. The fans absolutely got into the match, but Big show appeared to have been injured at the end of the bout. It looks like he tweaked his knee, and he could be seen talking to Dolph after the end of the match as Dolph told him to exit safely. Big show then returned up the ramp after exiting the ring under the bottom rope instead of his traditional exit. Could Big Show be seriously hurt or was it just a slight discomfort?”
  2. Man, they need to cut their schedule.
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  3. Big Slow. You 7 feet, 500 pound piece of steaming, stinking grade A monkey crap!

    Really though, I hope he's ight and it's nothing too serious. Big Show is a nice guy, he just needs to :gtfo: TV.
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  4. Best injury that's happened so far. [​IMG]
  5. Big Shows knee turned heel on him
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  6. Big show needs to retire. I don't wish injury, but thank God he will be gone for a bit.

    His fatass, much like Kane's ugly ass, needs to be gone for a long, long, tjme. They need to be part timers at best.
  7. Big Show could actually be a very valuable part-timer if they wanted him to. If you put a guy that size on the Brock Lesnar schedule and kept him undefeated for most of the time, he'd be a huge asset and his matches would draw a hell of a lot more interest. Hell, he's been booked before to be as dominant and unstoppable as Lesnar is, but it always ends up lasting only a very short time.
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