Big Show Returning On RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Punk_Axel_Ziggler_Fan, Jul 17, 2013.

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  1. It was announced earlier today that the Big Show will indeed be returning this Monday on RAW.

    What do you guys think about this? Will he return as a heel or face? Will he seek revenge on Orton for punting him in the skull or will he begin another feud?
  2. I think he'll come back as tweener but will turn face
  3. He's been a face style character on the pre show panels so I say face.
  4. I'm with Dolph'sZiggler ... flip a coin and let the baby roll....after all...who cares?

    Even TNA thinks the Big Show turns too often
  5. That's what I was thinking.
  6. :yes:I'm excited bout it. I like his face character for humor and his heel character for overall badassness, but whichever way is fine.
  7. There really isn't anything for him at the moment,It'll be interesting to see how WWE will book his "long awaited" return.
  8. I'm guessing maybe a midcard feud with Curtis Axel for the IC title if he's a face. If he's a heel, probably some pointless feud with Miz or something.
  9. Meh, Not really anything big, Its not like he will be doing anything relevant.
  10. Could he feud with Del Rio? Dolph seems pre occupied leaving an obvious opening..
  11. Well, if he's to come back, I hope he's put in a program to put a young worker over.
  12. I've seen both sides to Big Show and I don't find him that charismatic either way. Other than competing in the midcard I'm not sure what his specific role will be this time around.
  13. Hope he takes Jericho's role as jobber.
  14. Here is what I'm hoping for. Bigshow returns, Squashes some jobber(s).

    "We're here..."
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  15. He'll be teaming up with Henry to take on The Shield in a handicap match at Summerslam
  16. He definitely won't be returning to get revenge on Orton for punting him. That's so two months ago.

    I'd bet on him returning as a face since he seemed pretty neutral on the discussion panels at the PPVs (whereas Vickie Guerrero seemed like her usual heel self, taking credit for bringing RVD back and whatnot), but I prefer him as a heel personally. Either way, I'm kinda looking forward to him returning. He had a couple of pretty good feuds in the past year, one with Sheamus (their match at HIAC 2012 was one of my favorite matches of 2012, admittedly) and with Alberto Del Rio early this year. Didn't mind him as the wild card in the tag match against The Shield at Wrestlemania either. If he were a heel, he could have a pretty interesting David vs Goliath feud with Daniel Bryan (possibly over the WWE Title with Bryan maybe winning the belt soon), but whatever.

    I'd like it if his comeback was similar to the way he returned in the fall of 2004 - a bunch of people are brawling in the ring and then his music suddenly hits and he comes down and destroys everyone. I wouldn't mind if T.R.I.C's idea then happened, with the lights going out and the Wyatt Family coming out. Only this time, Harper and Rowan aren't enough to take down Big Show, and so they require Wyatt to actually help them to bring the big man down. But down he goes, and then Wyatt can grab the mike and preach his gospel not only with Big Show laid out but everyone else as well. I have an awesome visual of this in my head and what an awesome ending it would be for Raw, Wyatt doing his pose with his arms stretched out over Show's carcass with whoever else lying unconscious in or around the ring as well.

    For those who want to see the 2004 come back, here it is:

  17. i prefer the big show as heel as he makes me laugh and brings a sense of fun but you cannot deny is a really good heel so dunno
  18. I can not wait to be vigorously entertained.
  19. Big Show's a (very) poor man's Mark Henry as a main event heel and he can do an ok job of putting over underdogs. WWE's also lacking heels and face Show is intolerable, so if they return him face... Vince, if you do it I'll break your face.

    But what can they do with him? (If you say another Cena/Show feud I'll look through your history and delete 5 likes)
    Maybe Ziggler can go over him or something, but won't hold my breath on that :pity:
  20. I'm not excited really, but it wouldn't surprise me if he came back with a decent run and had a few good segments/matches. With the way characters have been going lately, we shouldn't wind up with the intolerable retard we saw for a lot of 2010 or '11.
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